Best animated movie audio problems of 2012

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Foodfight! picture

Audio problem: All of Francois Fromage's audio sounds completely off. There is an unnatural echo in his voice, as if the audio was not mixed properly during post-production. (00:49:55)

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The Pirates! Band of Misfits picture

Audio problem: When The Pirate Captain says "This time, it's pay day", his mouth doesn't quite match up with what he is saying when he gets to "it's pay day". (00:16:05)

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted picture

Audio problem: During the escape from Monte Carlo they all drive a van off a roof to land on the roof of the Hotel Ambassador. Captain DuBois drives her bike of the same roof to catch them. While she is in airborne she jumps off her bike onto the roof of the Hotel Ambassador and the bike falls to the ground. Yet we don't even hear the bike landing on the ground at no point despite the fall only taking a few moments. (00:17:35)

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The Lorax picture

Audio problem: When they are showing the commercial for bottled air the guys clink their bottles together as if they were glass, but after the commercial the ones who made the commercial suggested that their research shows if you put something in a plastic bottle, people will buy it. (00:11:00)

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