Best adventure movie plot holes of 2012

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Brave picture

Plot hole: During the scene where Merida gives her speech on "breaking tradition", her mother, as a bear, moves silently behind the majority of the crowd, so they don't see her. Fair enough. However, Merida and her father's clan are all looking in the same general direction (towards the crowd) while she's speaking - how does no one from Merida's clan see a bear moving at the back of the room?

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Skyfall picture

Plot hole: Silva spent years planning his revenge against M, yet the ability to carry out his plan depended on conditions that were entirely out of his control, such as being captured by MI-6 despite having no way of knowing that Bond was coming for him, and only escaping custody because Q triggers the trojan - there's no way Silva could predict when that would happen, could have been hours, days, weeks, or never. He then ambushes M at the court house despite having no way of knowing that she would be there that day.

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Suggested correction: His plan was always to blow a hole in the tube to have a train crash at that location. This would have caused mayhem and take up a lot of resources (police/ambulance/fire). Bond chasing him had no impact on this part of the plan. Then when his team picked him up, his team would have known where M would have been on that day and would have driven him there. With resources on high at the train crash site, it would have made it easier to reach M.

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The Expendables 2 picture

Plot hole: The seaplane should have a watertight hull so the two jumping out the bottom makes no sense when they should have used the same exit at the rear of the plane that they loaded the jet skies with.

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island picture

Plot hole: When they find captain Nemo's journal the journal is completely intact and the pages are made of paper. But the journal is very old, and the island sinks every 70 years, so the journal should not have looked that good, and the pages must be gone by now or at least not that readable. (00:47:30)

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The Bourne Legacy picture

Plot hole: The tracker chips that the program participants have surgically implanted in their legs make no sense: (1) Implanting an RF device in an agent who is going undercover in North Korea, Pakistan, Iran etc. is a very efficient way of blowing his cover. (2) The drone pilots are unable to imagine that the agent may remove or shield the chip, despite knowing that these agents are super-intelligent and resourceful. (3) Why does killing the agent switch off the chip? Even if he's blown apart by a Hellfire missile, the chip should still keep chirping away, safe inside the lump of meat that's left.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 picture

Plot hole: When Bella drops off Jacob and Renesmee at Charlie's house, she says she has to do an errand and will be back soon. She then proceeds to drive to Seattle, which is about 130 miles east and separated by a large body of water called Puget Sound. Being that I live in Seattle, I know that the most direct route from Forks to Seattle involves driving from the outer Washington coast through Port Angeles, then Sequim, going over the Hood Canal (toll) Bridge, before going to plus waiting for and riding a ferry across Puget Sound from Kingtston to Edmonds, and then at least another 25 minutes driving south on I-5 to Seattle. Even if Bella drove very fast (which she could not possibly do the entire way), it would take close to four hours one way, depending on traffic, wait and ride time for the ferry, stopping to pay at the toll bridge, and general driving conditions. Bella would also spend almost two hours in Seattle conducting her business with Mr. Jenks (which include driving through the busy downtown traffic, parking, going through the mall to the restaurant, and driving through the city again back to the ferry terminal) before returning to Forks. Depending on what time she originally left to when she got back home, it would be late in the evening. There are several other ways to get to Seattle from Forks, but they would take just as long or much longer.

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