Best action movie visible crew/equipment of 2012

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The Avengers picture

Visible crew/equipment: A reflector screen is visible on Hawkeye's sunglasses at the very end when Thor and a restrained Loki are returning, presumably, to Asgard. (02:06:10)

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The Hunger Games picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Katniss has destroyed the stockpile at Cornucopia, she runs back into the forest and stops to whistle to the mockingjay and signal Rue. In the wide shot you can very see a blue marker for where she needed to stop.

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The Dark Knight Rises picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Bane's army arrives on the street to fight the police, a crew member can be seen to the left of the screen with a radio coming up some stairs. (02:11:00)

Casual Person
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Looper picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Joe drives his red car and stops by his friend's bike, a huge white lighting screen is reflected on the car's hood.

Sacha Premium member
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Underworld: Awakening picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Detective Sebastian is talking to Selene about his wife who was killed in the purge, watch the buildings in the background as he says "she told me she loved me, and then she let the sunlight in". The vehicle used to tow the car that they're sitting in and the camera rig are reflected in the buildings' windows. (01:00:20)

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The Sweeney picture

Visible crew/equipment: As Jack and George enter the boat site they hide behind a red Jaguar XFR. As the camera moves round the camera man is visible in the chrome-work on the Jaguar. (01:35:20)

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Premium Rush picture

Visible crew/equipment: At 5:17pm, after Manny asks Wilee to bike ride with him in Central Park, Wilee is seen driving through traffic. There is one shot where he rides past a silver Ford. Behind the silver Ford is a taxi, and if you look carefully, you'll see a boom mic reflected on the car. It can't be a lamp post, because the item on top is too big and super fluffy to be a lamp post. This is only visible for a split second and visible just as the taxi becomes out of frame as the camera pans around Wilee. (00:07:45)

Casual Person
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Battleship picture

Visible crew/equipment: Sam and Mick are watching the John Paul Jones sink. A reflector screen is seen on Mick's binoculars. (01:36:15)

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Skyfall picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the Shanghai hotel, Patrice goes into a lift and Bond jumps onto the side of it. Whilst the lift is rising, Patrice looks outside of the lift. The shot cuts to an exterior shot of the lift. When it cuts to the exterior shot, for just the first few frames a camera can be seen attached to the lift, used to film the shots of Bond. (00:43:20)

Casual Person
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Dredd picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Judge Dredd says: "Thanks for the heads up", you can see that the gun he is holding is a rubber stunt prop: you can tell because the front end is sealed shut when it should be open. Also, the barrel is thicker, certain details are missing, etc.

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Death Race: Inferno picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the first race, the camera focused on Katrina's ass as she is leaning inside the window of the car. As the camera pans to the right, crew members are visible in the reflection of the vehicle's black door. These are not to be mistaken with the crew of the Death Race television production present throughout this scene.

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The Aggression Scale picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the mum is walking into the kitchen, as she places her bag on the counter you can see a camera man and camera reflected in the oven to her right. (00:15:10)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Safe picture

Visible crew/equipment: Just after the Russian car hits the bus, in the next shot you can see a stuntman behind the wheel, wearing a black helmet.

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Men in Black III picture

Visible crew/equipment: After J arrives in 1969 and stands on the sidewalk at the Empire State Building, look at the doors behind him. As they close and open, the lighting rigs are reflected.

Movie Nut
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