Best action movie trivia pictures of 2012

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Men in Black III mistake picture

Trivia: When Agent J returns to MiB after being suspended, you see him pass the big screen with the aliens that are being watched. Two of them are Bill Gates and Lady Gaga. (00:20:15)

Anastasios Anastasatos
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The Avengers mistake picture

Trivia: The Avengers co-creator Stan Lee makes his usual cameo. This time as a man being interviewed by a news reporter asking about superheroes, at the end of the movie.

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The Amazing Spider-Man mistake picture

Trivia: Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance as a librarian at Parker's school wearing large headphones, unaware that Spider-Man and the Lizard are battling at the library behind him. (01:37:25)

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Underworld: Awakening mistake picture

Trivia: Kate Beckinsale's mother makes a cameo as a vampire in David's covenant. (00:33:20)

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