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The Avengers picture

Trivia: While on the helicarrier, Tony Stark is wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt, the band who released the song "Iron Man".

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Men in Black III pictureMen in Black III mistake picture

Trivia: Even though Frank the pug doesn't appear, there are a couple of references to him. The first one is a big picture of him over J's bed and when J gets pulled over by the cops, there is a billboard advertising for "The Amazing Talking Pug." (00:22:35 - 00:40:25)

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The Amazing Spider-Man picture

Trivia: Peter Parker falls through a roof and lands in a wrestling ring, where he gets the idea of using a mask, a homage to the original comic and the first Sam Raimi film, where Peter tests his spider powers by entering a wrestling match.

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Brave picture

Trivia: A relief carving of Sulley (from the following Pixar film, Monsters University) is visible in the Witch's cottage.

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The Dark Knight Rises picture

Trivia: Comedic actor Thomas Lennon has a small role as the doctor Bruce sees for a check-up before he visits Gordon. Lennon previously played a similar role in director Christopher Nolan's "Memento" (as the doctor the character Sammy Jenkis visits). Lennon stated that Nolan specifically wanted him for the role of the doctor in this film, and has speculated that perhaps Nolan considers them to be the same character.

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Battleship picture

Trivia: The missiles fired by the alien ships are the same shape as the pegs in the board game.

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Skyfall picture

Trivia: Even though he appears on screen for more than fifteen minutes, Ola Rapace (playing Patrice, the mercenary they chase at the start who Bond later catches in Shanghai) doesn't have a single word of dialogue.

Cubs Fan
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The Hunger Games picture

Trivia: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are the only Hunger Game tributes ever referred to by their first and last names. The other tributes are just identified by their first names, even when they're being introduced by Caesar Flickerman during the televised interviews or their scores are being announced on television.

raywest Premium member
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Underworld: Awakening picture

Trivia: Kate Beckinsale's stunt double Alicia Vela-Bailey makes a cameo during the opening sequence as a vampire escaping the purge. (00:03:40)

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Snow White and the Huntsman picture

Trivia: Kristen Stewart performed many of her own stunts in the movie.

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Premium Rush picture

Trivia: Joseph Gordon-Levitt injured his arm whilst filming after colliding with a taxi window with his bike and required 31 stitches. A behind the scenes clip of this can be seen partway into the end credits.

Casual Person
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The Expendables 2 picture

Trivia: Booker is a nod to "Good Guys Wear Black" in which Chuck Norris portrayed a character named John T. Booker. In both films Norris plays a retired military operative in a rescue mission to help his old comrades.

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Prometheus picture

Trivia: When David opens the green vial and puts a small bit of the alien matter on his finger, look closely at his fingerprint. The Weyland logo is etched into it.

raywest Premium member
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Looper picture

Trivia: Emily Blunt signed on to the film after reading the first half of the script. She hadn't even gotten to the scene where her character was introduced.

Brad Premium member
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Resident Evil: Retribution picture

Trivia: The footage of the T-cells Wesker injects Alice with is reused from Resident Evil: Afterlife, only in that one, it's the cure for the virus.

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Chronicle picture

Trivia: The backdrop piece that Andrew climbs through at the beginning of his "magic" act is a mock-up of the entrance to the Cave of Wonders from Disney's Aladdin.

Phixius Premium member
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Total Recall picture

Trivia: This is Colin Farrell's second role in a movie adopted from a story by Philip K Dick; his first performance was in 2002's Minority Report.

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The Bourne Legacy picture

Trivia: During filming of the movie's opening scene, the water Jeremy Renner swims in was so cold that his facial hair frequently iced over.

Cubs Fan
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Wrath of the Titans picture

Trivia: Bubo the owl makes another brief appearance in this film, as it did in its predecessor, when Perseus and the others are in Hephaestus' chambers.

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Lockout picture

Trivia: When Hydell makes "Hairdo" open up all the stasis chambers, a prisoner steps out of one and is disoriented from still being half frozen. He steps out and falls over the edge, and lets out a Wilhelm scream. (00:18:55)

Quantom X Premium member
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