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Skyfall picture

Revealing mistake: When the train plummets into the basement, the windows never seem to smash nor crack, nor does the paint on the train never seems to scratch the slightest bit. (01:34:15)

Casual Person
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Prometheus picture

Revealing mistake: Each crew member has a monitor on their spacesuits that they use whenever they are exploring the caves. Whenever the monitor is shown, each crew member's individual heartbeat is shown in the lower left corner of the monitor. But no matter which heartbeat is shown, every time a heartbeat on the monitors is shown, it is always the exact same heartbeat, despite the various changes in panic and stress throughout the movie.

Casual Person
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Revealing mistake: You can see the blue screens on Bruce Banner's glasses when Tony Stark is talking to him about embracing the Hulk rather than disliking it. (00:57:40)

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The Dark Knight Rises picture

Revealing mistake: When Catwoman and Batman are fighting Bane's henchmen on the rooftop, pay close attention to the guys in the background right before Batman knocks Catwoman's gun away: you can see that the henchman well out of Batman's reach on the far left falls over like he's been hit by a punch, but he couldn't be. Also, no gunshots are heard at that point, so he couldn't have been shot either. (00:53:30)

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Underworld: Awakening picture

Revealing mistake: Right at the end of the fight between Selene and the Uber-Lycan in the vampire coven, the Uber-Lycan throws Selene into some wooden panels, knocking her unconscious. As she travels through the air you can tell that she is suspended by wires; she travels far too slowly towards the wooden panels for someone who was just thrown. (00:48:35)

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The Hunger Games picture

Revealing mistake: When Katniss is blown back from the explosion, her stunt person is visible. This can be proven because the stuntperson's skin tone is different and her hair is not in a braid. It is in a ponytail. Wires can also be seen pulling her to give the illusion that she was blown back from the explosion. (01:33:00)

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Men in Black III picture

Revealing mistake: When the movie starts and J is about to neuralyze the people, the skyline on the background is a blatant backdrop. (00:06:10)

Sacha Premium member
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Snow White and the Huntsman picture

Revealing mistake: When Snow White rides the white horse bareback to the dark wood. In the last few frames as the horse gets trapped in the mud you can see a very thin set of reins attached to the horse's head.

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Foodfight! picture

Revealing mistake: In the laboratory, when Dex tells the doctor he needs him to analyse what he borrowed from Lady X, it is apparent that when Dex first shows it the doctor, there is nothing in his hand. He just appears to be pretending to hold something. It is not until two shots later, that the object he shows to the doctor is visibly in his hand. (00:37:25)

Casual Person
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Alex Cross picture

Revealing mistake: When Picasso removes the first finger from Fan Yau Lee's hand, you can see that there is no blood on the instrument used.

Ian Antcliff
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Interview with a Hitman picture

Revealing mistake: Right in the beginning of the movie, we see young Viktor holding a gun to a young girl, about to shoot her. The gun is a revolver and as it comes into focus, you can see there are no bullets in the gun. This is part of a later scene in the movie where Viktor kills his first two people. As he's shooting, you can again see there are no bullets in the gun. (00:01:20 - 00:23:10)

Quantom X Premium member
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Resident Evil: Retribution picture

Revealing mistake: When Alice shoots the zombie in the blue dress, we get a frontal shot of the gun. Pay close attention to her trigger finger: it doesn't move at all, while the gun does fire.

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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse picture

Revealing mistake: After The Corpse first gets back out of 'hell', he saves a girl from some zombies in sleeping bag-like sacks. As they jump towards him, the animation is bad and they flicker around on the ground like a game glitch. (00:11:30)

Quantom X Premium member
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Stolen picture

Revealing mistake: When the cops raid Hoyt's apartment building, Billy the dog is barking at them. But when multiple cops reach his level, Billy whimpers and takes off up the stairs scared. However, you can see the dog's tail is still up and partly wagging. A scared dog's tail would be tucked between its legs, even when climbing stairs. (00:50:35)

Quantom X Premium member
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Chronicle picture

Revealing mistake: When the three characters are playing with legos and Matt is told to start playing music from his ipod, you can see that the sound is off and the ipod is paused when the music is apparently playing.

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Looper picture

Revealing mistake: Considerable efforts were made for this film to have Joseph Gordon-Levitt resemble Bruce Willis (colored contacts, nose prosthetics) since they are playing the same character at different ages. Yet the two actors' ears remain distinctly different. Bruce Willis's ears are much larger than Joseph Gordon-Levitt's, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has connected ear lobes while Bruce Willis does not.

Phaneron Premium member
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The Cold Light of Day picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene after Will leaves the girl at the train station, the scene cuts to a downtown district. Many of the extras used for that scene are seen watching the scene being filmed. (00:57:00)

Casual Person
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Jack Reacher pictureJack Reacher mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the car chase, the stunt ramps on the ground so that both cars can easily race over the curbs instead of destroying their wheels. (01:20:20)

Houma R L Dave
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Premium Rush picture

Revealing mistake: The passenger of a taxi opens the taxi door, which an officer on the bike then collides with. If you look at the passenger, he never takes a look behind him to see the officer, but still quickly moves back into the taxi as if he knew that the officer was about to hit the taxi door. (00:17:55)

Casual Person
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Dredd picture

Revealing mistake: When Dredd headbutts Kay, you can see that he actually misses. You can tell because he moves forward further than Kay's face would allow.

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