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Once Upon a Time picture

Going Home - S3-E11

Other mistake: In the October 2011 flashback, when Mary Margaret gives Henry the storybook for the first time, he opens it to show Pinocchio and Geppetto in an illustration. However, according to 1-20 "The Stranger", Pinocchio's story was not added to the storybook until later after August came to Storybrooke, several months later. This is confirmed in 4-13 "Unforgiven", where Regina and Henry look at the exact same picture, and notice that the paper is different than the rest of the book, because this particular story was added by August. (00:17:00)

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TAC in the Day - S5-E13

Other mistake: Anders, Blake, and Adam help promote Alice to become the boss. Before becoming boss and cleaning up, she had a very casual attitude and is shown wearing informal black, rebellious clothing. However in 3-10 "Flashback in the Day", when Anders, Blake, and Adam first meet Alice she is the same strict, formal boss seen predominantly in the show. So basically TAC in the Day makes no sense, because Alice was already boss by that point in time and already had met the gang before their first day at work. She recruited them, after all.

Ashley Shanks

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Bob's Burgers picture Bob's Burgers mistake picture

Dawn of the Peck - S5-E4

Other mistake: After the turkeys start attacking in "The Running of the Turkeys", Mr. Fishoder and his brother start running. In that clip a Turkey pops out the side of a guy's head. Look in the mid lower right side. Looks like a design error. Pretty big error, no slow down needed to see it. (00:05:20)

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Last Man Standing picture

Here's the Kicker - S4-E1

Other mistake: The score board says Huskies 16, Visitors 14, with 16 seconds left on the football game. But the story is that Eve, who is the kicker for the Huskies, kicks the winning field goal. The Huskies are already winning. (00:10:00)

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Homeland picture

Redux - S4-E7

Other mistake: When Carrie leaves through the tunnel to the street, when she comes out of the store there's a shot of 2 people kinda looking at her. That shot was horizontally flipped - look at the sign on the door. (00:34:05)

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New Girl picture

Models - S2-E5

Other mistake: In the beginning when Jess is showing the guys her outfit for Cece's party, you can see she is wearing blue platform high heels. She walks in them just fine. But the next day, when she's filling in for Cece, she's given platform high heels and can't walk in them at all. (00:02:37 - 00:15:17)

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Death in Paradise picture

Stumped in Murder - S6-E4

Other mistake: Torey Martin says that he had an accident 5 months before, but the car crash evaluation is signed 31/07/2016. Not only it was a Sunday - unlikely day for the car shop to be working -, but that would put the events of the episode on January, contradicting the bank statements and what was established in previous episodes.

Sammo Premium member

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Black Mirror picture

Playtest - S3-E2

Other mistake: When we first see the Saito Gemu HQ, the shot is mirrored. It is apparent by the reversed company logo sign. (00:14:25)


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To Touch a Hummingbird - S2-E10

Other mistake: Chris gets on the zip line and hooks up. Martin just stands behind him, not hooked up to the zip line. Chris zooms off down the line chasing the hummingbird. A few seconds later, Martin is suddenly on the zip line also and right behind Chris.

Quantom X Premium member

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Hell on Wheels picture

White Justice - S5-E3

Other mistake: The "Construction Manager" being the boss of three men makes $125 a month, but the 3 of them make $15 a day working, which is $150 a month. How can the boss make $25 a month less? Even if the three did not work on Sundays... they would still make the same or more than their boss... "Three good men? Them plus some Jakes, yeah. Next time you want a favor, spare me the song and dance, Mr. Strobridge. (Bangs table) They're capable. They are dead weight. Expensive dead weight, at a time when I need all of my resources focused on breaking through that tunnel. And Jim, Charlie Crocker found you five years ago. You were digging ditches in San Jose for pennies a day, and you make $125 a month as construction manager for the greatest enterprise in the history of America. All I'm saying is, $15 a day means a whole lot more to those men than it does to this enterprise." (00:14:30 - 00:15:00)


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Suggested correction: The three men make five dollars a day each for a total of fifteen dollars the railroad has to pay.

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Season 1 generally

Other mistake: Taylor stated that when he arrived in terra Nova, it seemed like the blink of an eye for the people behind him, but he was alone for 118 days due to time dilation. In episode 12, when they welcome the 11th pilgrimage, 5 people walk through the portal within seconds of one another, whereas it should take 118 days for each person to arrive.

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Undercover picture

Episode #1.4 - S1-E4

Other mistake: Dr Ambrose, talking about a doctor tending to patients on death row, says "Hippocrates is spinning in his grave." The subtitles say "Hypocrites is spinning in his grave."

Paul Giaccone

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