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Body of Proof picture

All in the Family - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Megan is running late to pick up her daughter and friends from a sleepover, she arrives in the medical examiner car with Peter. The girls walk towards the car. Megan then gets out and introduces herself to the friends. The girls dump their bags on the ground and the two friends go to get in the car. Her daughter stands by the bags and asks 'who are you?!' to Peter. He explains who he is and that he works with her mum. - however in a previous episode her daughter goes to her work place and interviews all the staff, including Peter. (00:17:35)

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Hell on Wheels picture

Bleeding Kansas - S4-E11

Continuity mistake: Ruth is seen in a flashback. The young Ruth has a mole on the left side of her face, as does the adult Ruth. But in one shot, when she is slapped by her father, the mole appears on the right side. (00:20:00)

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Jessie picture

A Doll's Outhouse - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: When Emma and Zuri are watching the horror doll movie, Jessie comes in for a little bit and you can see that the popcorn bucket is completely full, but after Jessie leaves and they see the part with the eye, Zuri puts an empty popcorn bucket on her head. Wasn't there popcorn in it a few seconds ago?

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Game of Thrones picture

The Iron Throne - S8-E6

Continuity mistake: When the episode starts Arya is walking towards where Daenerys is and has her face covered in mud and soot, plus a long streak of dark dry blood running through the right side of her face. The next time we see her her face is cleaner and the blood is less noticeable. In further shots the amount of blood increases or decreases randomly. There doesn't seem to be much water and soap around the place.

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Turkey in a Can - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: The first time Bob finds his turkey in the toilet, he puts it in a trash can and lays it on the living room coffee table for a family discussion. The camera zooms in on Louise and when it zooms out, the turkey is not on the table anymore. When it shows the table a second time, the turkey reappears.

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Last Man Standing picture

Putting a Hit on Christmas - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: The Christmas package in front of Kyle is fully but badly wrapped. When Eve turns back with new Christmas wrapping to re-wrap the package, it is fully unwrapped with not enough time for Kyle to remove the old wrapping.


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Episode #2.7 - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: When Fidel and Dwayne arrive at the place where Camille and Richard are hiding for the hurricane, they can open the doors without a problem, whereas Camille and Richard had taken great care of locking the doors from the inside.

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Suggested correction: They had removed their shoes prior to entering the lab, remember the scientist said 'thank you' to them for it plus the Zompyers were distracted by the dancing so the rebels could have grabbed their shoes before exiting the building.

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Person of Interest picture Person of Interest mistake picture Video

Lady Killer - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: Root shoots the hitman, walks up to him and slides his gun a couple of feet away. A wide shot shows the gun where it should be. After she says "you're the boss" and starts walking away, we see exactly the same angle, the gun has vanished, and some random black bits have appeared.

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Mr Morris Returns - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: At the bowling alley after Jim bowls and walks back to the group and talks to them, we see a young man in the background with a grey top about to bowl. Then there is a quick shot that cuts to Adam and, then the shot cuts back to Jim and the guy in the background is about to bowl again.


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A Father's Love - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: When Schmidt and Robbie are spying on Cece's date, Schmidt sits down at Robbie's table to his left and after they both admit that they are still in love with her they bring it in for a hug. Cece walks over to confront them and they are still embracing each other, but they have suddenly switched places and Schmidt is on the right and Robbie is on the left.

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Terra Nova picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: At the waterfall, after jumping off the cliff and into the water, Skye leads Josh to the rock carvings. Josh's wet hair keeps changing position from being completely slicked back, to partially covering his forehead, to being completely forward over his brow.

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Hart of Dixie picture

In Havoc & In Heat - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: Prior to the dinner at Fancy's with George's parents they show the restaurant from outside but the person in the window is the Veterinarian that Zoe stands up later this season and it is actually the same exact shot from when he is waiting for her to show up for their date.


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