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X-Men: First Class picture

Factual error: Erik arrives in Argentina at a place called Villa Gesell, shown to be a town in middle of mountains. Villa Gesell is a beach town on the Atlantic Ocean coast, with no mountains.

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The Mechanic picture

Factual error: When Bishop and McKenna are discussing how to kill the preacher, Bishop states that epinephrine and adrenalin are a lethal combination; they are actually two different names for the same thing.

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Take Me Home Tonight picture

Factual error: In one of the first major scenes where Matt Franklin and Tori Frederking are being introduced at the rental store - there is a shot where you can see the entrance of the store, and there is an electronic article surveillance detector on either side of the entrance to the store. This technology for use in a video rental store (for VHS tapes) did not exist in the 1980s.

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The Dilemma picture

Factual error: Passiflora Incarnata doesn't cause the symptoms described in the film. There was one remote incident where some of the symptoms (nausea) occurred but it can only happen if ingested which did not happen in this movie.

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Colombiana picture

Factual error: When Cattleya escapes through the sewer drain and winds up in front of the U.S. Embassy, she uncovers the manhole all by herself. Impossible for such a young child to do.

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War Horse picture

Factual error: Major Stewart addresses the Indian NCO as "Sergeant Major" and he is so described in the credits. There was no such rank in the British Indian Army. Indian cavalry sergeants were known as Daffadars. More senior Indian cavalry officers held VCO ranks (Jemadar, Risaldar and Risaldar Major) which had no British equivalent. Given the importance of rank and protocol, it is highly unlikely that a British commissioned officer would be unaware of this.

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50/50 picture

Factual error: At the very beginning Adam is jogging in the Stanley Park in Vancouver, then moments later he is in the middle of Seattle. (00:00:45 - 00:02:00)

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Moneyball picture

Factual error: When Beane takes his daughter to look at guitars, she plays and sings Lenka's "The Show", a single which wasn't released until 2009, despite the movie taking place in 2002-2003. (00:42:45 - 00:44:10)

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Season of the Witch picture

Factual error: Behmen and Felson land on the '"Coast of Styria", which was in Austria, a landlocked country.

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Fast Five picture

Factual error: When the bus slams into Brian's car at the start, Brian's car doesn't move an inch. Given the speed and weight of the bus, Brian's car should have been shunted a good distance. (00:01:45)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes picture

Factual error: At the end of the film the apes/monkeys are seen jumping clean through the EXTERIOR windows of a downtown high-rise. I know apes/monkeys are a bit stronger than humans, but this is still is highly unlikely and would not happen so easily. The exterior windows (those from floor to ceiling, or those that replace traditional exterior walls) would be triple plated, like that of a bank partition (think of 3 car windshields glued together) One would have to repeatedly bang on it with a sledgehammer before it would even crack, let along jump clean through. However, jumping through the INTERIOR windows and doors are completely realistic since those would only be double plated.

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The Help picture

Factual error: When Minny is explaining to Celia how to cook/fry chicken, she lists things one can do with Crisco, all while holding the can of Crisco. The label on the can of Crisco was light blue until 1988, when it was then changed to the medium blue which is shown in the scene.

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Abduction picture

Factual error: In the scene where Nathan and Lily's location is tracked online when chatting, it's evening in the USA and already dark sometime before dinner - yet the tracker calls his boss in London, England and it's daylight. Time-wise this is not possible.

Mike Isaacs
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Drive picture

Factual error: During the pre-credits sequence, when the Driver is attempting to escape the police, the sound of the engine accelerates with the rhythm of a manual transmission while the model on the screen has an automatic transmission.

Johnny Utah
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The Grey picture

Factual error: The wolves in this movie must be some sort of mutant super wolf. North American Grey wolves are not lion sized killing machines. They are typically smaller, by weight, than an average German Shepherd.

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Unknown picture

Factual error: In the last scene the ICE Train is leaving the station eastbound. It is not possible to enter these trains at the central station because all eastbound trains end in Berlin and have only one station left (Berlin Ostbahnhof). Every ICE leaving Berlin is going in the other (westbound) direction.

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The Rum Diary picture

Factual error: Near the end of the movie, when they go to steal the boat, there is a Puerto Rican flag in the front of the boat. This flag has the royal blue triangle, instead of the light blue that would have been in the 1960's such as all the other big flags used on poles.

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J. Edgar picture

Factual error: When Robert Kennedy receives news about his brother John's assassination, he is in his office at the Department of Justice. RFK was actually at home eating lunch when he received that phone call.

Cubs Fan
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One Day picture

Factual error: During scenes set in the early Noughties (one of Dex and Emma talking on a rooftop at night, and another of Dex crossing the river on a bus), modern buildings are shown on the skyline, including the Heron Tower (2009), the tallest building in the City at the time of filming, but it didn't exist at the time the scene is set.

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Larry Crowne picture

Factual error: Julia Roberts character orders Pizza and Wings, gives the driver one bill (guessing it's a $20). Says she's giving a $12 tip. No way Pizza and Wings costs $8, certainly not in California.

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