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The Mechanic picture

Revealing mistake: While Bishop and Steve McKenna are practicing with various firearms, a slow-motion shot in the film of Steve shooting a .50 caliber rifle shows that, while the sequence depicts him firing "live" rounds, the extracted shell casing is from a "Blank" cartridge (evidenced by the crimped forward portion of the brass casing). (00:34:15)

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene in the Russian bar, Dutch takes the bartender's gun. When he turns to hit her, the face of the stuntman replacing Alan Tudyk is visible. (01:03:40)

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The Green Hornet picture

Revealing mistake: When Kato is driving home after the argument with Britt about making coffee at the office, Kato is jerking the steering wheel randomly like a child pretending to drive despite it seeming they are just driving straight down the road. (00:56:30)

The Minister
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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides picture

Revealing mistake: When Blackbeard threatens Jack with a pistol, he is heard cocking it, but when he holds it up to the camera we can see that it is only on half-cock. A pistol cannot be fired in the half-cock position, nor can it be loaded in the fired position, implying that either it is not loaded, or a technical error has been made by the film makers.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes picture

Revealing mistake: When the apes jump out of the lab windows out to the street, they don't cast a shadow on any of the glass except the ones on the ground floor.

Sacha Premium member
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Source Code picture

Revealing mistake: Every time Colter finds the bomb, the cell phone used as the detonator, is running a Adobe Flash movie named "HISTORY.swf" on its screen. The Adobe Flash Player logo is visible in it. When he removes it the first time and tries to call back the bomber, it's nothing but a Flash animation sequence playing on this mobile. (At about 01:11:20) Finally he finds the secondary mobile at the back of the bomb, and this too has a HISTORY.swf playing in it. (00:15:30 - 00:55:00)

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The Raid: Redemption picture

Revealing mistake: The hero breaks through a window from a balcony into an apartment. The way it shatters and crumbles into such small pieces indicates that it is breakaway glass, not regular window glass, obviously for the safety of the actor during the stunt. (00:55:25)

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Sucker Punch picture

Revealing mistake: When Sweet Pea, Rocket and Blondie are sitting in front of their mirrors and discussing how Babydoll saved Rocket from the cook, the camera starts behind them, pans to the left, through the mirrors and out the other side. Before the camera passes through the mirrors, if you look closely at the girls' backs, you can see that they are slightly out of sync with their 'reflections'; it is obvious they used doubles to sit with their backs to the camera and copy the actual actresses.

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Drive picture

Revealing mistake: When Gosling overtakes the car via the shoulder, you can see dust in front of his Mustang being thrown up by the camera car.

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance pictureGhost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance mistake picture

Revealing mistake: At the start, just as Moreau rides up the stone road leading to the monastery up ahead, before he passes the two guards we can see that it's a flipped shot - note the backwards license plate number.

Super Grover Premium member
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows picture

Revealing mistake: When the movie starts, there's an aerial view of London's rooftops. The smoke coming out of the very first chimney doesn't move, revealing it's a painting.

Sacha Premium member
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Fast Five picture

Revealing mistake: When Vince drives off with the first car out of the train, tyre marks from previous takes can be seen in the sand. (00:11:00)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Kung Fu Panda 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Tigress is hatching a plan to escape Gongmen Tower after they have been trapped, she looks out over the wall. But take a close look at the archers: they all move in perfect sync, indicating the same animation models were used for all of them.

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X-Men: First Class picture

Revealing mistake: In the submarine, when Emma goes to get ice for Shaw, Azazel's tail is missing when he helps pull the submarine's ladder down.

Casual Person
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Colombiana picture

Revealing mistake: When she shoots the Ponzi scheme guy into his shark pool, the shot where he is seen from the side and sharks in the background, the shark can be seen in the glass part, but not in the water part between the man's arm and the glass piece. (00:58:50)

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Captain America: The First Avenger picture

Revealing mistake: When we see the new recruits at boot camp, they are wearing M1 Helmets. But if you look closely, they have rivets through the sides of each helmet where the chinstrap bales would be. In reality, the M1 helmet chinstrap bales were and continued to be welded onto the shell of the helmet. This indicates the helmets in the film are probably plastic replicas with the bales being riveted in place.

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Soul Surfer picture

Revealing mistake: When Bethany comes home from the hospital after losing her arm, her dad drives them to the back of the house to avoid the reporters. Bethany has her arm covered up with a throw so it can't be seen. When she gets out of the car, you can clearly see the outline of her entire arm underneath the throw.

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