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The Tourist picture

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the boat chase, after the railing and Frank are pulled into the water but prior to the cut to Elise slowing her boat to allow Frank to board, a member of the crew can be seen exiting the cabin of Elise's boat. (00:05:50)

Jonathan Borgia

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Takers picture

Visible crew/equipment: If you look closely, after the shootings with the Russians and the guys go in to the second room, next to Chris Brown you can visibly see the camera man (shorts and the camera).


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Saw 3D picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Hoffman runs to hide from the second coroner, he goes right up close to the camera. When he does, you can see the camera's shadow on his face. (01:08:00)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps picture

Visible crew/equipment: Several times during the movie, when Jacob rides his motorcycle you can see the camera reflection in his helmet.

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Inception picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the zero-gravity fight scene in the hotel room, it is possible to see a crew member's hand briefly resting against the end of the bed when Arthur and the projection are fighting on it.

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Knight & Day picture Knight & Day mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Roy grabs unconscious June and parachutes her off the plane, she stares at him and 3 stage lights plus a lighting screen are reflected on her goggles.

Sacha Premium member

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Iron Man 2 picture Iron Man 2 mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Natalie and Pepper arrive at the Expo and open the car's door a huge lighting screen gets reflected on the door. (01:32:30)

Sacha Premium member

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Grown Ups picture

Visible crew/equipment: When David Spade is telling the others about his naughty dream and we see Rob Schneider's hot daughter in the background (leading everyone to believe that it was she that he was talking about), a boom mic can be seen at the top of the screen (when the camera is facing the lake).


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Paranormal Activity 2 picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning, Kristi takes Hunter out of his highchair, then it falls over. When Kristi went to go pick it back up, she stepped over the string used to tip it.


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Never Let Me Go picture

Visible crew/equipment: Right after Ruth says to Kathy that Tommy has changed, there is a shot of Miss Geraldine walking down a corridor holding some sort of bird and some paintings. When the camera cuts to behind her, the shadow of the camera filming her can be seen on the wall on the bottom right of the screen as it followers her down the corridor.


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Tucker & Dale Vs Evil picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Dale walks up to the van asking if the are going camping, Chad says they don't want any trouble, you can see the boom mike reflected in the back window of their van. (00:05:10)


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The Spy Next Door picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Bob, and the children go to the Chinese restaurant, a crew member and boom mic appear in the reflection on the car.


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Death Race 2 picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Lucas goes backwards towards Calin to play chicken causing him to wreck, Lucas does a reverse 180 and during that moment a chase pickup with camera crane in front of Lucas is visible. (01:15:00 - 01:16:00)

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The Expendables picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the car chase scene on Vilena, there is a point where Sandra's truck is headed from screen left to right, partially towards the camera. The windshield reflects the overcast sky interrupted by the reflection of a boom crane. (00:39:35)


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Ssiscool Premium member

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Date Night picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the credits, Katy arrives home. When she closes the door, a big lighting screen gets reflected on the glass in it.

Sacha Premium member

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Insidious picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Josh goes to 'The Further' to look for Dalton and goes up to the attic where the red door is, the room is filled with an eerie smoke, but as the camera pans out a little, you can see the smoke machine in the bottom left hand corner billowing it out. (01:18:50)


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Everything Must Go picture Everything Must Go mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the movie while Will Ferrel is going to the bathroom in his house, the camera person is visible in the mirror off to the right of the screen.

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