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Prom Wrecker - S2-E5

Plot hole: In this episode all the students say Hollywood Arts has never had a prom before. But in the first episode, 'Pilot', Rex says to Cat after she runs out to tell Tori, Robbie, Andre and him that Sikowitz wants them to come back into the classroom, "Just like you wanted a date to the prom last year."


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Days Gone Bye - S1-E1

Plot hole: Rick wakes from his coma with a perfectly trimmed beard. Clearly the hospital had been abandoned for a while, so no-one to trim it. (00:15:00)


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Suggested correction: Robert Kirkman has stated that Rick was in his coma for 4-5 weeks, so around 35 days. In the short series "The Walking Dead: Webisodes" the one titled "The Oath" shows that a doctor named Gale Macones stayed after the outbreak, to care for patients still in the hospital. (Including Rick) IV bags last 24 hours, and you can only go without water for 4-5ish days. Meaning she left very close to when Rick woke up, which explains why his beard was in good shape.

You can go longer than 4 days. And even if she left 4 days earlier he wouldn't be clean-shaven.


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Show generally

Plot hole: In the episode where Gabe wants PJ and Teddy to pretend to be his parents when his teacher wants to see them after getting in trouble at school, it is established that Gabe's elderly teacher is short-sighted. When he asks "How many fingers am I holding up" his teacher gives an incorrect answer. However, later in the episode, his teacher spots Teddy on a date at the cinema (movie theatre) and assumes she's cheating/having an affair. How could she have seen Teddy from a row in-front, when Teddy is facing the audience and not the teacher, if she couldn't see how many fingers Gabe was holding up close to her face?


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His Last Vow - S3-E4

Plot hole: Sherlock manages to convince Janine to let him into Magnussen's quarters after deceiving her into thinking he is going to propose. Several days later, she is enjoying her "revenge with profits" on Sherlock for his duplicity. Problem: There is no way she could have found out. She was out cold moments after letting Sherlock in, and Sherlock himself was shot by an assailant, which he had misidentified. Only Watson knew Sherlock's true intention, but we know he did not reveal it. The shooter and Magnussen did not know and had no opportunity to tell Janine anyway. (Plus, Magnussen's credibility is too low.) In fact, if I were the director, I wouldn't bother making up a motive for being a "grasping, opportunistic, publicity-hungry, tabloid whore" (film's own quote). Such a person loves "profits", not just "revenge with profits." (00:31:00 - 00:43:00)


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Haven picture

Over My Head - S3-E4

Plot hole: Daphne was able to hurt Duke because his name appears on her cell when he called, but names only show up on a cell phone if the person's number and name are programed into the phone, and Duke has already said he doesn't know her.


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Season 3 generally

Plot hole: It is revealed that Malia has been living as a coyote for eight years but earlier in the season it's shown that all shape shifters lose their powers and becomes human during a lunar eclipse, which happened in the midseason finale. So why didn't Malia turn back?

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Project Dawn #10 - S2-E10

Plot hole: After Grant finishes her video confession, Latif puts the video recorder in his cargo pant pocket. A few scenes later, he's blown up without ever having taken the video camera out of his pocket. He was at the epicenter of the explosion and he and his clothes were very much on fire, which should have completely destroyed the video camera and its recording.

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Show generally

Plot hole: Episode 1: All passengers on cruise ships have a passenger card with their name and cabin number imprinted. They are not just identical key cards like in hotels.

Jacob La Cour

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Molly's Neverending Story - S5-E5

Plot hole: At the very end, Molly gives Peggy's church friends each a gift for their advice with changes she made to her book. Peggy says, "You didn't really need their notes, it was already a very good read." The problem is, there's no way she could have made any changes from the time she talked to them to the time Mike sends the email to the publisher. Molly actually says from the closet, "They wanted me to take my book to a dark, dark place." When did she actually incorporate their notes?

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Justified picture

When the Guns Come Out - S3-E6

Plot hole: Raylan has a hunch that Winona took the money again from the evidence room, so checks the locker, finds the empty box, and assumes she stole it. When they returned the money in the previous season, he said "Put it back anywhere except for where you found it", so as to make it easier for someone to assume it had been misplaced, rather than lost. So the locker being empty is hardly a smoking gun for him to assume Winona's taken the cash.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Season 3 generally

Plot hole: Kings Boomer and Brady had to earn their king rings and the powers contained within, however, King Boz was just handed the ring, yet it kept its power.

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