Best fantasy TV mistakes of 2010

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Haven picture

301 - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: Duke is wearing an extra shirt, and his hair is longer then it was, despite continuing the scene from the end of season 2.

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic picture

Sonic Rainboom - S1-E16

Continuity mistake: Fluttershy's neck disappears after she says, "I don't know if I can cheer enough to help her".

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand picture

The Red Serpent - S1-E1

Factual error: One of the naked female dancers at the party has breast implants. Although some forms of plastic surgery were known to the Romans, breast augmentation was not one of them. If you want to check for yourself she appears just after the masked dwarf moves through the shot.

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Lost Girl picture

Here Comes the Night - S5-E7

Continuity mistake: When the lady comes to Dyson's gym to ask for his help, she writes her contacting info on the back of the picture she gives him. In the next shot, he's holding the same picture but the back is completely blank. (00:19:20)

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R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour picture

Game Over - S1-E9

Character mistake: When Gooch is eliminated from the game, the announcer says "Player Three Game Over." But Gooch was Player Four, which is shown on the lower right corner where Player 4 and his weapon are shown. Sean was player Three.

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