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Blue Bloods picture

Baggage - S5-E11

Character mistake: Sergeant Gormley is promoted to Lieutenant in the previous episode. In this episode he is referred to as Sergeant Gormley by Commissioner Reagan at least twice.

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Episode #4.4 - S4-E4

Character mistake: When everyone is preparing to go in to dinner, Robert is wearing an adjustable bow tie. It's bad enough he's wearing black tie to dinner when he has guests, as his mother points out, but Robert, the Earl of Grantham, absolutely would not be seen wearing an adjustable tie with a stand up shirt collar, even among only his immediate family. (00:35:15)

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Sherlock picture

The Sign of Three - S3-E3

Character mistake: While the original Sherlock Holmes is famous for making water-tight deductions, the one in this episode does not quite live up to that standard. He declares someone a "compulsive cheat," because: "Waterproof cover on his smartphone. Yet his complexion doesn't indicate outdoor work. It suggests he's in the habit of taking his phone into the shower with him, which means he often receives texts and emails he'd rather went unseen." There are far too many problems here. (1) The only type of complexion that indicates outdoor work is sunburned. We don't have water-soaked or snow-frozen complexions. So, yes, he might work outdoors. (2) Indoor work may also deal with water, e.g. plumbing, dish washing (note what the accused man is doing!), water purification, lab work, etc. (3) Some people might just purchase a waterproof cover as a precaution. Some might receive it as a gift. Some may receive it free during a bulk purchase. (4) Not everyone who takes his or her phone into the shower has fidelity problems. They might want to listen to music, be up-to-date with the stock market, or, if I may use a euphemism, might want to have some quality alone time. (00:12:35)

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Hawaii Five-0 picture

Ke Koa Lokomaika'i - S6-E15

Character mistake: Neil is looking over the model of the USS Enterprise close-up in Steve's office. The island structure on the flight deck is backwards.

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Justified picture

The Hammer - S1-E10

Character mistake: Raylan Givens tells Judge Reardon that he carries a ".45 Glock" but this is untrue. Throughout the series with the exception of the beginning of the first episode Raylan Givens carries a Glock 17, which is only chambered in 9mm parabellum. His backup can be seen to be a Glock 26 which is also in 9mm.

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Tracy Beaker Returns picture

Firestarter - S3-E2

Character mistake: In the beginning of the episode, the new social worker says "it's been raining all night, what do you expect?" whereas later in the 'flashbacks' he says, "what do you expect, it's been raining all night".

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Luther picture

Episode #1.2 - S1-E2

Character mistake: Owen refers to his own unit as Forty Six Commando. The Royal Marines pronounce the names of commandos as individual digits: Four Six Commando.

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The Walking Dead picture

No Sanctuary - S5-E1

Character mistake: When Gareth is questioning Rick about what was in the bag he hid in the woods, Rick replies a .44. Rick is referring to his Python, which is a .38 or .357, not a .44.

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Teen Wolf picture

Formality - S1-E11

Character mistake: The poster advertising the Formal misspells Beacon Hills as 'Becon Hills'.

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic picture

Suited for Success - S1-E14

Character mistake: When Rarity sees her cat stuck in the tree, Rainbow Dash is sitting next to the cat, but when you see her, her cutie mark is not there. (00:17:15)

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Pretty Little Liars picture

Out, Damned Spot - S5-E19

Character mistake: When Aria is taking her Maths Algebra test, we get a short glimpse of her paper at the start of the scene. Question 4 spells the word 'population' as 'popopulation' the second time it is written in the question.

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R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour picture

Game Over - S1-E9

Character mistake: When Gooch is eliminated from the game, the announcer says "Player Three Game Over." But Gooch was Player Four, which is shown on the lower right corner where Player 4 and his weapon are shown. Sean was player Three.

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