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Edge of Darkness picture

Other mistake: After Craven shoots the driver of the car that took his car door off, you can see that there is no gas tank underneath the car.

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The Wolfman picture

Other mistake: When Lawrence is looking at his wound in the mirror, it has slightly healed. Later, when Sir John visits Lawrence in the asylum, he shows the bite mark he got from the feral child to Lawrence. Since Sir John is also a werewolf, the bite mark should not be there.

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Shutter Island picture

Other mistake: During the flashback of the soldiers executing the Dachau guards, the soldiers are in a line opposite the guards who are in a line against a fence. The soldiers all start shooting at the same time, but we are shown the guards being mown down by gunfire in succession, like dominoes, rather than simultaneously.

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Salt picture

Other mistake: When Salt was trying to escape in the CIA building, the tactical team was preparing to enter Salt's final hold up, the holographic sight on one of the tactical team member's M4 is mounted the wrong way.

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Unstoppable picture

Other mistake: In the scene when Will finally stops the train, his phone beeps letting him know he has a missed call. He looks at his phone and sees the photo he presumably has associated with his wife Darcy. Later on, during the press conference scene, right after the first part of the dialog between Will and Frank about "corporate", there is a shot of Darcy at the press conference. This exact same shot was the photo used in Will's cell-phone earlier on. (01:30:20 - 01:31:40)

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Buried picture

Other mistake: When the man requesting money hangs up on him, a dial tone follows. Cell phones don't have dial tones.

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The Crazies picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Judy and Becca are strapped to beds in the high school and the principal is coming with a pitch fork, at first there is a close up of the fork (when the principal is dragging it) and its dry with no blood, the principal walks over to his first victim and right before he raises the fork it is shown covered in blood so much that some has ran on to the floor.

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The Tourist picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Jolie drops Depp off at the airport she asks him to tie them off. Depp does so with a solid knot. Jolie then unties the knot from the boat side and leaves him behind. The rope should still have been looped around the mooring where Depp attached it, and hanging in the water where she untied. It is completely gone.

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Burke and Hare picture

Other mistake: When Burke & Hare chop down the tree to stop the coach, they hit the tree with their axes at chest height. When the coach approaches they have hardly made a dent in the tree and when they push to tip the tree over, it doesn't break at chest height, but the entire tree falls, arguably still fully intact.

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Faster picture

Other mistake: Driver fires 7 rounds from a 6 shot revolver before reloading in the shootout with Killer in the apartment hallway.

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The Next Three Days picture

Other mistake: Lara's hair is plain and pulled back in a pony tail when she first escapes. Within a short period of time, her hair becomes nicely styled but she would have needed a fair amount of time with a curling iron, hairspray, etc., for it to look so nice.

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Black Swan picture

Other mistake: When Nina and Lily are at the bar, it shows Lily move to the seat directly to Nina's right, thus placing Nina on the right side of Lily. However, the entire time they converse, Lily's eyes are looking to her left. Same goes for Nina who is looking to her right the entire time.

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Paranormal Activity 2 picture

Other mistake: We are seeing the movie as if we were watching recordings, that's why we see the surveillance camera shots as the device installed to change from one camera to another would let us. It takes very short time from one camera to another,but in some cases, as to follow things to happen, the shot stays in one angle (camera) for a longer period, not keeping the timing for the mentioned device.

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Green Zone picture

Other mistake: When Matt Damon is in the dark alley pursuing the intermediary who will lead him to the General, it appears, at the first sight of his right leg thigh holster, that the holster is empty. However, several scenes later, when the camera is behind him, you can see the reflection of light off of the magazine, in the magazine well of the pistol.

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Saw 3D picture

Other mistake: When Suzanne is in the trap there is one point where we see 36 seconds remaining on the clock. If you listen carefully you can continue to hear the clock tick down once per second, even offscreen, and you can count about 45 ticks before Suzanne is killed. (00:44:45)

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TRON: Legacy picture

Other mistake: When Sam Flynn first enters the arcade, he goes to a breaker box on the wall. When he opens it, the breakers are already in the "ON" position, closest to the center. He actually turns them to the "OFF" position.

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark picture

Other mistake: Kim is putting Sally back in her own bed at night to sleep however the window shows daylight. (00:47:56)

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Frozen picture

Other mistake: After Dan is killed by wolves you can see his corpse is covered by snow, only his hand is showing. When daylight arrives, you see that all the tracks on the slopes are still visible, and big patches of brown can be seen even though it's supposed to have been snowing at least 30 cms, enough to cover a human body.

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Legion picture

Other mistake: In the last scene when Jeep, Charlie, and the baby are driving off, the gearshift of the truck is located in "park". That is located at the topmost point of the gearshift's travel.

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