Best horror movie plot holes of 2010

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Saw 3D picture

Plot hole: Gideon speaks to Jill about her fingerprints being all over the bear trap. When he does he says that there is a new game going on, referring to Bobby's game. However, the police are unaware of this game at this point. He can't be referring to the garage trap as he says that the game is going on, and the garage trap has already happened. (00:35:00)

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark picture

Plot hole: When Sally crushes a creature in the library with the bookcases, Not only is the crushed body still there, but also its arm on the floor, yet her father still doesn't believe her.

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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night picture

Plot hole: When Dylan enters the vampire Vargas's bedroom to interrogate him, Dylan frequently steps away from the door to let sunlight in to burn Vargas, so that Vargas will cooperate with the interrogation. Vargas is in his bed and could easily cover himself with his sheets to block the sunlight, but never does.

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The Crazies picture

Plot hole: The water-borne biological weapon makes every individual a crazy murderer, right? Near the beginning a man burns his house with his wife and child inside. So then why do the three hunters not try to kill each other or the crazy wife in the nursery not try to kill her son?

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Tucker & Dale Vs Evil picture

Plot hole: After Tucker and Dale pulls Allison out of the lake, and Chad comes running to the lake, Chad yells to them. Tucker and Dale are close enough to the shore to hear them, yet they take no notice. (00:17:15)

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