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Sex and the City 2 picture Sex and the City 2 mistake picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Carrie is printing an article she has written, the title reads: The Terrible Two's. A successful, educated writer would never have used an apostrophe to pluralize a word. Ever.


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The Social Network picture

Character mistake: At Henley, Prince Albert of Monaco is introduced as "His Royal Highness Prince Albert." He is a Serene Highness, not Royal. A British VIP would know the difference and say "His Serene Highness" instead.

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Tooth Fairy picture

Character mistake: Dwanye Johnson is called onto the ice, the first thing he does is throws a player through a glass pane. The player looses a tooth. The close up shows that the tooth is a molar, but the commentators say, seconds later, "Ohhh that's an incisor!" (00:01:00 - 00:02:35)

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Red (2010)

Red picture

Character mistake: In the New Orleans scene in the cop car he calls in an officer down and describes the black vehicle as a Tahoe, but it's a GMC Yukon. He also describes the suspect as "Male, black suit and tie" but when he exits the vehicle they are both blue.

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The Wolfman picture

Character mistake: Sir John describes St. Columbanus as a gypsy from the East, but in fact St. Columbanus was Irish and founded one of the first monasteries in Scotland (on Iona island), one of the most important in Christendom.

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Valentine's Day picture

Character mistake: After Reed proposes to his girlfriend, he calls Julia and leaves an excited voicemail telling her he has huge news. When Julia listens to what is supposed to be the same voicemail, the wording and tone are completely different, leading Julia to think something was wrong, such as his girlfriend declining the proposal.

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Takers picture

Character mistake: When Detective Welles is searching for Naomi in the Police Computer System he types "Naomi, Cozier" which is backwards - he should have searched "Cozier, Naomi" or skipped the comma entirely. (00:58:20)

Good Job!

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Unstoppable picture

Character mistake: Engine #1206 is instructed to take the nearest siding upon hearing the news of the oncoming train. Frank does the maths and determines that they will not fit into that siding. He states the siding being 4011 feet between signals, with about 2500 of actual usable space. Engine #1206 with 25 cars would only equal 1580 feet, giving them more than enough room to clear in the first available siding.The average length of a railroad car is 60 feet. Even if the cars were considered "long", total 25 cars would have fit into that siding.

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The Bounty Hunter picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Stewart calls Nicole at the end of the movie, he tells her that he got a horse shot in the leg, when in fact they showed him getting the shot in his neck.

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice picture

Character mistake: In the scene when Dave is checking out the failed transmitter at the radio station, Dave says "the bad news is your return loss - way too high". This is a mistake, as the movie makers got confused between the terms "return loss" and "insertion loss". Dave should have correctly said either "your return loss - way too low" or "your insertion loss - way too high".


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Extraordinary Measures picture

Character mistake: Dr. Stonehill posts a sign that says "KEEP YOUR DAMN FOOD AND DRINK OUT OF MY REFRIDGERATOR !" Refrigerator is spelled wrong, "REFRIDGERATOR" as if the word is "Fridge" which is isn't. (00:52:00)


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Get Him to the Greek picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Aaron visits Daphne at the hospital, the lower left x-ray in the background is upside down. (00:18:15)


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Le Poil de la Bête picture

Character mistake: Throughout the film, the characters refers to the seigneurie as Beaufort or Beaupré, which are actually two different places.

Dr Wilson

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Inception picture

Character mistake: In the final scene Cobb's children class him "daddy!" but Cobb's son also calls him "Leo!"

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Despicable Me picture

Character mistake: After Gru tucks the girls in for the night, Dr. Nefario tells him that there are 48 hours until the rocket's scheduled launch. The rocket launch, then, should have taken place at night, around the time the girls go to bed, two days later. The rocket, however, launches during daylight hours.


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The Other Guys picture

Character mistake: Will Ferrell is talked into shooting his gun at the ceiling. Keaton comes from his office and takes his gun and gives him a wooden one. When he takes the real gun, he unloads the magazine from the gun but fails to remove the round in the chamber. He's a cop, he should know how to safely handle a gun.

terry s

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True Grit picture

Character mistake: Mattie attended a travelling Old West show in Memphis in which Rooster Cogburn was a performer. The flyer for the show shows the date of the show as July 18, 1903. The day of the show Mattie was told that Rooster died three days earlier (July 15, 1903). But Rooster's tombstone lists the date of his death as August 12, 1903. (01:41:55 - 01:43:35)


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The Expendables picture

Character mistake: Tool neglects to dress Barney's tattoo after he completes it. Not something a professional tattoo artist would neglect to do, especially when he is tattooing a friend.

Phaneron Premium member

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Suggested correction: Tool states that it's taken him several months to do the logo tattoo. It's also implied that he has done the rest of Barney's tattoo's. Barney, being the tough man he is, could have simply said in the past not to bother with dressing it and Tool has done as told against his better judgement.

Ssiscool Premium member

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