Best animated movie character mistakes of 2010

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Character mistake: After Gru tucks the girls in for the night, Dr. Nefario tells him that there are 48 hours until the rocket's scheduled launch. The rocket launch, then, should have taken place at night, around the time the girls go to bed, two days later. The rocket, however, launches during daylight hours.

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Character mistake: In the 4th Shrek film. Shrek and Gingy are talking about Fiona's curse and the curse that Shrek says (By day one way, by night another...) is different to the curse that Fiona says in the 1st film (By night one way, by day another). (00:57:00)

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Suggested correction: Telephone effect. These are different people saying this phrase at two different times. It's very easy to just say it or remember it differently.

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