Best TV plot holes of 2009

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After Hours - S5-E8

Plot hole: Beckett and Castle lose their cell phones and wallets and are being chased by the mob. Beckett steals a cell phone from a car but can't use it, since it is locked and then shut off remotely. Any cell phone can always dial 911, whether locked or blocked from service.

Grumpy Scot
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94 Meetings - S2-E21

Plot hole: April tells Ron that she's always known that he's Duke Silver because her mom has all his albums. So why didn't her mom freak out when Duke Silver appeared on her doorstep or, if she somehow didn't realize that Ron is Duke, even mention the resemblance? (00:20:35)

Captain Defenestrator Premium member
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The Bank Job - S3-E1

Plot hole: When Toby, McCluskey, and the others are looking at the bank's security camera footage, Toby asks to zoom in on Newman's tattoo, and then Toby asks if he can borrow someone's cell phone so he can ask Oz about the bank manager. It cuts to Oz at the hospital as his cell phone rings - when Oz picks up his cell he presses the button and promptly says, "Hey, Toby, what's up?" It's quite impossible for Oz to have known that it was Toby calling him if Toby was using someone else's cell, and he did not even have the chance to hear Toby's voice. Those telepathic abilities belong to Toby, not Oz.

Super Grover Premium member
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Pilot - S1-E1

Plot hole: The pictures James took were developed from his camera into photos even though he was arrested while taking those. How did they get developed? James' father didn't approve and his mother said she had found that stack of photos after the police searched his room. (00:26:30 - 00:30:00)

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Haley's 21st Birthday - S6-E10

Plot hole: The family mistakenly believes Hayley will be having her first drink. However, there were several instances in earlier episodes where they saw her drinking or drunk, or she admitted she'd been drinking. For example, in the episode "Arrested", the family drove down to bail her out of jail for underage drinking, and they saw the video footage, and the family members who didn't go were informed of the situation.

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Season 5 generally

Plot hole: Bonnie is the anchor for the other side and feels when supernatural beings die. How come she didn't know Katherine wasn't dead? Did she never think it was suspicious that she never felt Katherine's body after she died?

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Go for the Green - S1-E4

Plot hole: Dillon was quickly identified by the city sensors as having metal parts, thus classifying him as a threat to the city. Yet Tenaya, who is essentially a cyborg, tries out for the Green Ranger without setting off the same sensors.

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Suggested correction: Tenaya wasn't caught because the guards assumed the equipment was faulty. It was giving positives all day because of all the sleeper agents we find out about later.

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A General Thanksgiving Episode - S4-E3

Plot hole: Holt and General Ritcher could barely even hear each other when they are in the plane due to all the wind blocking the sound. Yet, General Ritcher is somehow fully able to hear Holt when Holt is saying "You've got to get me closer" despite being 60 feet away. Somehow, it was incredibly hard for them to hear about 6 feet away, yet they are somehow to fully hear each other when they 60 feet away from each other. (00:18:05 - 00:18:45)

Casual Person
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Royal Pains picture

Home Sick - S8-E6

Plot hole: Evan talks his and Paige's way into the sterile area where the embryo implantation is taking place. The med technician stresses how sterile it must be, and yet Evan and Paige are shown with neither masks nor gloves.

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