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Modern Family picture

Boys' Night - S2-E18

Other mistake: In the opening scene, the Dunphys are playing ball in their backyard when Claire knocks it into their crotchety old neighbour's yard. They all head in, and as Phil explains to Luke that it's because it's their only ball, another ball is in the grass visible over Luke's shoulder.

Anandan Tanabalan
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Glee picture

Show generally

Other mistake: When the kids are opening their lockers, they enter the code, then pull on the lock to open the locker. The closed lock is still attached to the front of the locker. When they close it, it's magically locked again without them ever opening or closing the lock. In reality, these locks would be useless, or the locker doors wouldn't open.

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The Cleveland Show picture

Cleveland's Angels - S1-E20

Other mistake: Kendra slaps the right side of Donna's face to stop her from freaking out. Donna then rubs the left side of the her face. (00:14:05)

Casual Person
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Castle picture

Under Fire - S6-E11

Other mistake: At some point during filming, Stana Katic injured her right hand. At episode's end, when Beckett hugs Esposito and Ryan after they're rescued, her index and middle fingers are taped together, and the injury doesn't appear in any other scene. (00:41:00)

Cubs Fan
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Community picture

Introduction to Finality - S3-E22

Other mistake: During Leonard's "Let's Potato Chips" YouTube video during the ending credits, you can see the video reaches the end of the load/play bar (watch the circle), yet the video continues for several seconds. Once the circle reaches the end of the load/play bar, the video is over and won't continue.

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NCIS: Los Angeles picture

Show generally

Other mistake: It is said G. Callen has lived in 37 foster homes between the ages 5 and 18, the longest ever having stayed in one is 3 months. 5-18 is 13 years, meaning even if he had lived 3 months in EVERY foster home, it'd have to be a minimum of 52 foster homes. Since 3 months was the longest, it is logical that the others were shorter therefore the number would have had to be much higher.

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Archer picture

The Man from Jupiter - S3-E4

Other mistake: At the start of the scene where Mallory says she is going to the premiere with Burt Reynolds, there is an establishing shot of the building. Just over a minute later, the same shot is repeated a second time, as shown by the fact that the cars driving by the building and the cars parked in front of the building are exactly the same. (00:06:30 - 00:08:00)

Casual Person
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The Middle picture

Flirting with Disaster - S6-E16

Other mistake: Brick says he heard Frankie say "Oh, great" when the phone flies out the car window, but by the time Frankie says that, the phone was already out the window.

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The Good Wife picture

After the Fall - S3-E16

Other mistake: Regarding the suicide of Karen Anderson, her boyfriend explains that Karen hadn't been studying with him because she wanted to be in the sun all day, but all the footage of the bridge she jumped from shows it to have been a mostly overcast, gray day. The first shot of the bridge is at the very beginning of the episode and is repeated several times throughout.

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FlashForward picture

137 Sekunden - S1-E3

Other mistake: At the beginning of the scene on the plane, Zoey is sending a text message to Demetri. When her phone is in the shot, what is shown on its display screen is obviously edited, because she makes the mistake of pressing the "end call" instead of the "send call" button to send the message. (00:04:55)

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United States of Tara picture

Alterations - S1-E7

Other mistake: When Max drives Charmaine to the surgical clinic, watch the background. In the first few shots, they are driving through some sort-of suburban neighborhood if you look out the windows, but suddenly when the camera cuts outside of the car, they're in a parking lot for the clinic, nowhere near the neighborhood they were literally just driving through. There was no time-jump as they are having a continuous conversation through the entire scene.

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The CollegeHumor Show picture

Rival Site - S1-E1

Other mistake: When Chuck Paulsen locks Patrick in the closet, you hear the sound of the door locking outside. But the lock is on the other side of the door, where Patrick is.

Brad Premium member
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Warehouse 13 picture

All the Time in the World - S4-E19

Other mistake: Charlotte enters the Duchess' bedroom, walks past Pete & Myka, with her hand behind her back, hiding something. She stands in front of them, trained security people; neither of them notice the gun in her hand (which is visible to the camera, so it is not hidden via artifact), before she shoots her husband.

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Power Rangers RPM picture

Ranger Yellow (2) - S1-E9

Other mistake: When Summer is fighting the Grinders at her wedding, she throws at least four kicks that completely miss her enemy, yet they react as if they were hit with great impact.

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Nurse Jackie picture

Ring Finger - S1-E10

Other mistake: When Jackie uses the hammer to smash her ring finger, if you watch carefully the prop hammer actually hits her middle finger instead. (00:24:30)

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