Best comedy TV factual errors of 2009

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The Treaty - S4-E7

Factual error: At the UN conference, 'England' is shown as a member of the Security Council. England sits on both the UN and the Security Council as part of the 'United Kingdom' - not as a stand-alone country. UN nerds Leslie and Ben would have known this.

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Archer Vice: Southbound and Down - S5-E5

Factual error: When the bikers are chasing the bus, one of them crashes into the "Now Leaving Texarkana" sign. However, shortly before this, we see Cyril crashing into the sign reading "Austin. 105 miles." Texarkana is almost 350 miles from Austin.

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Season 2 generally

Factual error: In season two the show makes Dalton look like it's in a suburb of Lima. Dalton Academy is suppose to be located in Westerville, OH, which is two hours southeast of Lima. Kurt & Blaine would not be able to go to the "Lima Bean" coffee shop every day if this was the case.

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Point Blank - S2-E9

Factual error: In the scene where Mozzy is using a synthesizer to try and figure out the musical code, he starts playing random chords in frustration. Since the synthesizer is a Minimoog (a monophonic instrument) this is impossible. (00:12:45)

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Thanksgiving III - S3-E10

Factual error: Even if the cable was out at the grandparents' house due to them getting rid of it, the TV itself should still turn on. Access or no access to cable does not dictate whether a TV can be turned on or not.

luke f
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Pupil - S1-E8

Factual error: Roughly fifteen minutes into the episode, it shows Jackie and Dr. O'Hara eating at a restaurant. Dr. O'Hara offers Jackie a cigarette from a celadon pack of American Spirit Mediums. In the next shot, it shows O'Hara holding a cigarette with an orange filter. American Spirit Mediums have a white filter, not orange.

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The Cleveland Show pictureThe Cleveland Show mistake picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: When everyone is saying goodbye to Cleveland and Cleveland Junior, they are standing next to Cleveland's house. Then after they have left and Stewie says "What the hell? He's getting his own show?!", they are standing next to Peter's house. Cleveland's house however, is across the street from Peter's house and could have not been able to stand next to Peter's house if they are at Cleveland's house. (00:03:20)

Casual Person
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Sitting Shiva - S6-E1

Factual error: Ted is holding his phone and talking to the others with the front facing camera. When he gets hit by the car the others can still see him, for that to have happened the camera would have had to land perfectly on the bottom edge, which is an impossible thing to do. (00:07:40 - 00:09:10)

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