Best romance movie plot holes of 2009

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The Princess and the Frog picture

Plot hole: When Charlotte kissed Naveen at the end, she should've turned into a frog as well because she was no longer a princess.

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Suggested correction: How? She was no longer a princess.

Tiana turned into a frog because she kissed Naveen without being a princess, so Charlotte should have, too.

Anson Gordon-Creed

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picture

Plot hole: After the dinosaur kids wrecked the playground, Manny tells Sid, "Whatever they are, take them back" and someone says "What are they?" as well. Later, when Mummy Dinosaur appears, Ellie says, "I thought those guys were extinct!" and one minute later Manny says, "She's a dinosaur!" How could they possibly not see that the kids were dinosaurs if they already knew about dinosaurs in the first place?


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Suggested correction: They weren't sure about the baby dinosaurs' species because dinosaurs were thought to be extinct. The mother dinosaur eventually showing up, with her more convincing dinosaur properties of being much larger and menacing-looking, convinces them otherwise.


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Love Happens picture

Plot hole: The main character never takes the elevator. He only takes the stairs. When leading a workshop he leads a group of people from street level by saying 'follow me' and in the next shot the whole group is on top of a high rise hotel. How did he and the entire group get from street level to the roof together if he never takes the elevator?

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Fame picture

Plot hole: Mr. Cranston asks Denise to be the accompanist for the school's production of "Chicago". This is an error. In the year 2009, in which the film is set, this would be impossible since the licensing company which has the theatrical rights for "Chicago" restricts the show from being produced (even by amateur groups and schools) anywhere in the greater New York area while there is an open-ended production running on Broadway.

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