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Night of the Demons picture

Jason: She stuck a lipstick in her boob and it fell out of her pussy... Okay?

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A Single Man picture

George: You know that only thing that has made the whole thing worthwhile has been those few times that I was able to truly connect with another person.

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New York picture

Omar: These were not my people.

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This Is It picture

Michael Jackson: This is the moment. This is it.

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The Soloist picture

Steve Lopez: I don't give a smooth fart whether or not we go.

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Oceans picture

Narrator: Every breath we take, and every drop we drink, depends on a healthy ocean. Now, their life depends on us.

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Pandorum picture

Payton: Maybe this is a bad time to tell you, but the door is open.
Bower: Are you fucking kidding me?
Payton: Ya I'm kidding you.

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Obsessed picture

Derek Charles: You need help.
Lisa Sheridan: I know. Help me, Derek.

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Youth in Revolt picture

Sheeni Saunders: Would you mind applying this to my exposed areas? Hmmm, get turned on easily? Don't stop, Nick. It's only natural. For all the world knows, my vagina could be moist with desire as we speak.
Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger: Is it?

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Love Happens picture

Eloise: Can I say something? And, and this comes from a place of total humility. With the acknowledgment that my life is a day-by-day experiment in... really bad decisions. But, er... you're really messed up.

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The Tournament picture

Father MacAvoy: God, I need a drink.
Lai Lai Zhen: You drink too much, and your eyes give you away. You damage your liver.
Father MacAvoy: That's just perfect. That's just exactly what I need. Health advice from a hit man.

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Doghouse picture

Banksy: It could be worse.
Neil: How many fingers am I holding up?
Banksy: Uh.
Neil: How could this get any worse?

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Serious Moonlight picture

Louise: A relationship ending is like a death just two people know about. A whole life gets lost, everything we did together. All the places we traveled, the fights, the small moments of tenderness.

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Valhalla Rising picture

Barde: I once met man who told me... they eat their own God... Eat his flesh. Drink his blood. Abominable.

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