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Push picture

Cassie Holmes: We don't ask to be special, we're just born that way.

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Splice picture

Elsa Kast: If you could understand crazy, it wouldn't be crazy.

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The Damned United picture

Journalist: How would you define your approach to management, apart from being brilliant?
Brian Clough: Good lad.

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Gamer picture

Simon: I just play games, man. Games.
Humanz Brother: That's right. It is a game. You want to win it, don't you?
Simon: Yeah, I intend to.
Humanz Brother: Well then you need to cut your strings, puppet master. Imagine a Slayer who don't got to wait to be told what to do. No ping, ya dig?

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Monsters vs Aliens picture

The President of the United States: Somebody think of something, and think of it fast!

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A Serious Man picture

Rabbi Nachtner: Sy Ableman was a serious man.

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Saw VI picture

Jigsaw: You think it's the living who have the ultimate judgment over you, because the dead have no claim over your soul. But you may be mistaken.

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Jennifer's Body picture

Needy Lesnicky: I thought you only murdered boys.
Jennifer Check: I go both ways.

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I Love You, Man picture

Joyce Klaven: Peter always connected better with women.
Zooey: You know, I can see that because he is a great boyfriend.
Peter Klaven: Thank you fiancee.
Oswald Klaven: Also, you got to understand, Zooey, Peter matured sexually at a very early age. I remember taking him swimming when he was twelve-years-old, kid had a bush like a forty-year-old Serbian.
Peter Klaven: Oh come on!

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St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold picture

Camilla: Some women, Annabelle, are born great: Cleopatra, the queen, me. Some become great, like Mother Teresa or Lady Gaga. Others have greatness thrust upon them, like Monica Lewinsky.

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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li picture

Charlie Nash: His name's Bison. I've tracked him through eleven major cities on four continents and never come close, not once. This guy walks through the raindrops. Anybody that's against him is either dead, or on their way.

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Hotel for Dogs picture

Bruce: If you look at it, dogs have three basic needs. That's - that's eatting, sleeping, peeing and pooping.
Andi: That's four.
Bruce: No, I think peeing and pooping is one.
Heather: Uh, I've stepped in both and I have to disagree.

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Fanboys picture

Hutch: Nobody calls Han Solo a bitch!

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An Education picture

David: Do you go to concerts?
Jenny: No. We don't believe in concerts.
David: Oh, I assure you, they're real.

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Broken Embraces picture

Diego: When you were waiting at the roundabout, for a car to pass on your left, Lena and you kissed.
Mateo Blanco: We kissed? I don't remember that.
Diego: It's a normal kiss, the kind couples give each other out of habit.
Mateo Blanco: The last kiss.
Diego: Yes. Lena didn't die in your arms, like you'd dreamed, but the last sensation she took from this world was your mouth.

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Santa Buddies picture

Budderball: I think we should lower the candy canes a little. They're kinda hard to... see.

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Friday the 13th picture

Pamela Voorhees: Did you know a young boy drowned here? He was my son. And today, is his birthday.

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American Pie Presents: The Book of Love picture

Rob's Mom: Rob? I-I wanna have a little chat with you,.
Rob: Uhh, do we have to?
Rob's Mom: I found this sock? In-in the laundry.
Rob: Oh jeez, Mom put that away.

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Today's Special picture

Akbar: They don't know what they want. They only know what they've had.

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Terminator Salvation picture

John Connor: I knew it. I knew it was coming. But this is not the future my mother warned me about. And in this future, I don't know if we can win this war. This is John Connor.

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