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Zombieland picture

[Columbus sprays Tallahassee with perfume.]
Tallahassee: It's ok. But FYI, I beat wholesale ass for a lot less than that.

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The Uninvited picture

Matt: I love you... I have a condom.

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans picture

Lucian: I've lived by their rules my entire life. I've protected them. Envied them. And for what? To be treated like an animal. We are not animals! Is this want you want? We can be slaves, or we can be... LYCANS!

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Orphan picture

Esther: I think people should always try to take the bad things that happen to them in their lives, and turn them into something good. Don't you?

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon picture

Edward Cullen: I just don't know how to live in a world where you don't exist.

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Jennifer's Body picture

Jennifer Check: I am scrumptious!

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The Lovely Bones picture

Susie Salmon: My name is Salmon, like the fish. First name, Susie. I was fourteen years old when I was murdered on December 6th,1973. I wasn't gone. I was alive in my own perfect world. But in my heart, I knew it wasn't perfect. My murderer still haunted me. My father had the pieces but he couldn't make them fit. I waited for justice but justice did not come.

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My Bloody Valentine picture

Irene: I'm not a whore!
Frank the Trucker: [tossing her a $20 bill.] You are now!

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A Perfect Getaway picture

Gina: He's really hard to kill.

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Saw VI picture

Jigsaw: You think it's the living who have the ultimate judgment over you, because the dead have no claim over your soul. But you may be mistaken.

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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever picture

Deputy Winston: Wanna know what kinda pussy you gonna get for this? Oh man, you're gonna get the Sashimi.
Toby: What's that?
Deputy Winston: Man, that's the Primo Pussy, man. No smell.

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Lesbian Vampire Killers picture

Fletch: Yep, lesbian vampires. Just another one of God's cruel tricks to get on my tits. Even dead women'd sooner sleep with each other than get with me it would appear. But eatin' me alive, oh no, that's fine. Next time he'll have me bummed by a big gay werewolf I swear.

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Pandorum picture

Payton: Maybe this is a bad time to tell you, but the door is open.
Bower: Are you fucking kidding me?
Payton: Ya I'm kidding you.

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The Final Destination picture

Nick: There's gonna be a huge crash!
Hunt Wynorski: Of course there's a crash, there's always a crash!

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The Descent: Part 2 picture

Ed Oswald: My granddaddy used to work down there. One time, him and two of his buddies broke into a whole new cave system. Really big. Company bosses figured there should be some rick picking to be had, so they sent my granddaddy back down to have a look-see. He never come back. Folks reckoned they must've broke clean through into hell. The devil was mighty pissed.

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Doghouse picture

Neil: Alright, calm down... You sound like a dolphin.

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The Collector picture

Arkin: Stupid fucking cat.

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Survival of the Dead picture

Seamus Muldoon: We got to get these things to learn to eat something other than us.

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Drag Me To Hell picture

Mrs. Ganush: I beg and you shame me?

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Case 39 picture

Emily Jenkins: Shut the fuck up, you miserable woman! Before I come down there and beat your ass like you beat your son, I have your address! So, you better think twice before you call me and start swearing at me.

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