Best horror movie plot holes of 2009

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Zombieland picture

Plot hole: With people around the world turned into zombies, there is no way to maintain power plants, thus no lights should be lit, not to mention the functionality of an amusement park.

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Jennifer's Body picture

Plot hole: There is no way Needy could've caught up to that band that quickly regardless of catching a ride. It probably would've taken her quite a while unless they stayed in one place for a few days.

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The Fourth Kind picture

Plot hole: When Abby and her kids are abducted, the sheriff is sitting right outside her house and sees this happening. Yet the video didn't record. Well the sheriff saw it all with his own eyes so why wouldn't his testimony hold up? The tape actually shows the UFO so there's proof right there. (01:08:55)

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Paranormal Entity picture

Plot hole: At the beginning there is an audio recording of Thomas talking to the police. He explicitly says 'They killed her! They Killed my sister, my mom!' or something to that effect and that Thomas was arrested for the rape and murder of his sister and he killed himself in custody. At the end, his sister is killed and the little epilogue says that the sister's body was found in her brother's arms and when their mother found out about the 'death of her children' she killed herself. That doesn't make sense logically. Thomas was alive when his mother was dead, according to the clip at the beginning.

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The Last House on the Left picture

Plot hole: When the 3 criminals are in the kitchen with Mary's parents, you see a picture of Mary on the fridge. There's no way none of them didn't see it considering they were in the kitchen for an extended period of time.

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Lesbian Vampire Killers picture

Plot hole: Jimmy's girlfriend manages to find where Jimmy and Fletch have gone to, even though during the phone conversation Jimmy had with her, he never discussed where they were going.

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Daybreakers picture

Plot hole: During Ed's transformation back to humanity, he burst into flames several times. His heartbeat was monitored using wires attached to his chest. They did not stop working despite being in the flames.

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Book of Blood picture

Plot hole: Every ghost that we see in the house looks the way they did when they died, for example the girl from the film's intro is seen without skin on her face, which happened to her before she died. However, in the final scene when we see Simon's ghost joining them, he looks completely normal, when he should have had a throat slit wound and the carved markings on his skin. (01:31:20)

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