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Halloween 2 picture

Other mistake: When Laurie has her episode in the bathroom about killing Annie, the clock stays at 7:03 the whole time.

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Orphan picture

Other mistake: When Daniel is playing Guitar Hero with his friends, after he and his friends leave the game to go outside, if you look closely at the TV, you can see that the game is still playing (notes are still being strummed) even though there is no one at the controls. (00:23:05)

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The Final Destination picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the film Bobby Campo uses a long piece of wood to set off the sprinkler and put out the fire. This small flame activates the sprinkler, which wasn't activated by the huge pile of burning sawdust and chemicals.

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Zombieland picture

Other mistake: When Columbus is face-to-face with the clown zombie, he looks up at Wichita, who is on the ride, stuck at the top of the tower. Columbus looks almost straight up at her, but when Wichita looks to Columbus for help, she should look almost straight down, but instead she looks straight ahead. There is no other reason why she would have looked straight ahead because a) Columbus was directly below her, b) Little Rock and Tallahassee were to her right, and c) she almost perpetually had her eyes on the zombie climbing the tower towards her.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon picture

Other mistake: In Volterra when Edward has his shirt off, his face and neck are a different color than the rest of his skin.

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Drag Me To Hell picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Christine first meets the seer, the seer takes Clay's credit card to charge $60, but in the uninterrupted events that follow, he charges nothing to the card. After becoming frightened, he insists on 'returning' the money, but is later revealed to have taken the money anyway. After having insisted on not taking the money, it would have taken an uncomfortable set of circumstances for the group to agree to let the seer electronically charge the money to the credit account anyway, rather than agreeing on no charge and simply leaving.

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Splice picture

Other mistake: The DVD cover that has older Dren posing naked with her tail blade or stinger exposed shows her hands on the far right side crossing, and her hand has five fingers. In the movie her hands only have four fingers.

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Zombies of Mass Destruction picture

Other mistake: During the church scene, an elderly man is seen using a Black Motorola flip cell phone that wasn't available until 2005, some 2 years after the movie was set.

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