Best movie character mistakes of 2009

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Moon picture

Character mistake: The word "satellite" on the uplink screen at which Sam Rockwell spends a lot of time staring, is incorrectly spelled "sattelite". The correct spelling is used a little further down on the same display.

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Pandorum picture

Character mistake: When Bower is banging on Payton's hyper sleep chamber from the outside it says Payton, but when it cuts to looking from inside out, it says Bower.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen picture

Character mistake: In the original Transformers, the final battle takes place in a fictional city known as Mission City, which according to Lennox is 22 miles away from the Hoover Dam, putting it close to Las Vegas. However, when Sam is in his dorm room, it's stated that the battle was in LA.

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Bruno picture

Character mistake: When Bruno is picking up baby OJ, on the subtitles it says '13 pounds of black gold' whereas Bruno says 'vierzehn' which, in German means 14, not 13.


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Confessions of a Shopaholic picture

Character mistake: The Finnish businessman says something along the line of "As Scandinavians - we like her". Scandinavia includes Norway, Sweden and Denmark, never Finland (or Iceland); a Finn would know that.


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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra picture

Character mistake: Scarlett says that since McCullen is from Scotland, he speaks Celtic. Celtic is a group of languages, not a language unto itself (something a genius like Scarlett would most likely know); it would be like saying someone speaks Semitic or Germanic. McCullen would probably speak Scots or Scottish Gaelic, the official languages used in Scotland.

Jedd Jong

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Suggested correction: Scarlett certainly took this into account when she suggested the words for Ripcord to speak. Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language so Scarlett was still correct, she was just simplifying for expediency.

Phixius Premium member

No she wasn't correct. There is no such language as "celtic."

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Precious picture

Character mistake: Early in the film in the scene in which Precious is in math class just before being called to talk to the principal, on the blackboard someone, presumably the teacher, has written REQUIRMENT, which is a misspelling of "requirement"


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Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder picture

Character mistake: When everyone starts counting down to blow up the Violet Dwarf, everyone starts at 10 downwards. Yet 40 seconds later, they are still counting down. (01:19:40)

Casual Person

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Suggested correction: Its very common for movies and TV shows to do this. Just because they say 10 seconds doesn't they can't spend more time going through the thoughts in Fry's head.

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Opposite Day picture

Character mistake: Near the end of the movie Godfrey says "I'll try to send the birds to the sea," but when he redirects the birds the operator says the birds are going back to the base.

Yvonne Hamilton

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Giallo picture

Character mistake: At the hospital, the inspector manages to get from the nurse the file of the patient with the liver condition. Forgetting the fact that the Turin, Italy hospital is using English for its documents (it's simply a cinematic convention), the problem is that the letterhead of this document says "Department of Chronic Deseases", misspelling the word.

Sammo Premium member

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