Best animated TV mistakes of 2008

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars picture

Revival - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: When the two factions of Hondo's pirates are fighting each other, the ones who sided with Maul and Savage are using blasters that fire red bolts, while the ones that stuck with Hondo shoot blue bolts. When Hondo persuades the traitors to work for him again and they attack the two Sith, all of the pirates' blasters are now firing blue bolts. This is Star Wars, not G.I. Joe, and weapons don't just change colour like that.

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The Mighty B! picture

Li'l Orphan Happy/Body Rockers - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: In "Li'l Orphan Happy" when Ben makes his mom the tuna salad, it has lettuce around it, but in the close-up the lettuce disappears. When it gets zoomed-out on, the lettuce is back.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold picture

Triumvirate of Terror! - S3-E8

Continuity mistake: Back at their kingdom, Wonder Woman and her mom are sitting and talking as they watch the fighting before them. The mother turns her head towards Wonder Woman in a close up and says "Oh please. It's just one little contest." It then changes to a wide shot again and suddenly her mom is looking straight forward. (00:10:45)

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Iron Man: Armored Adventures picture

Iron Forged in Fire: Part One - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In Obadiah Stane’s new office of Stark International, Tony goes to see him. Just after Tony begins speaking, Stane interrupts him and waves his arm around. The arm of his shadow is right next to the shadow of his chair and overlaps. But when it cuts to a frontal view of Stane, the shadow’s change around, and there is a lot of light between the shadow of his arm and the shadow of his chair. (00:08:15)

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