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Marley & Me picture

Revealing mistake: When John picks his wife up at the airport, it's raining. But look at the people around outside, they are in T-shirts, in the sun, and not getting wet. Obviously the rain is being sprayed on the car.

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10,000 B.C. picture

Revealing mistake: After Evolet got hit by the arrow and presumably dies, D'leh is staring at a mammoth. Behind the mammoth, you can see that the background is a picture.

Jack Kaltenbach
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Sex and the City: The Movie pictureSex and the City: The Movie mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Big and Carrie meet in their cars after Big fled the wedding you can see down the street in the distance a huge amount of SATC fans have gathered to watch the filming. (00:52:35)

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Twilight pictureTwilight mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Bella sees Waylon's body being gurneyed onto the ambulance, Bella has a flashback of Edward's eyes being black. In the short snippet, you can see the rim of the contacts he's wearing. (00:45:15)

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona picture

Revealing mistake: When Vicky and Cristina arrive at Barcelona they walk towards the camera, and the people behind who are real passengers waiting for a taxi stare at the actresses and film crew and even take pictures of them.

Sacha Premium member
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The House Bunny picture

Revealing mistake: When Shelly and the girls (the playboy mansion girls) are getting their hair done for her birthday, the stylist is curling Shelly's hair but you see the iron doesn't touch her hair at all. (00:03:50)

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Camp Rock picture

Revealing mistake: After Mitchie wakes up at the start, her hand slides across the keyboard keys in the close-up, but that hand is not Demi Lovato's. The older looking hand has protruding veins and the fingernails are long, whereas Mitchie's nails are short and her hands look as young as she does.

Super Grover Premium member
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Sex Drive picture

Revealing mistake: The shot of the two girls ripping open their shirts at the Fall Out Boy concert is the same clip repeated the three times we see them. (00:58:00)

Ssiscool Premium member
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The Other Boleyn Girl picture

Revealing mistake: When Natalie Portman's character is about to be executed, if you look at the wall behind the executioner, you can see a modern metal drainpipe.

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Yes Man picture

Revealing mistake: When Carl and Allison are hugging in the barn scene, you can see how the rain making equipment is forming a rain ring on the ground outside the barn door.

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Mamma Mia! picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the Money Money Money song there is a scene where Donna, Rosie and Tanya are sitting in the Captain's deck. If you look at Rosie you will see she is looking through binoculars. Look closely and you'll see that the lens caps are still on.

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Ghost Town picture

Revealing mistake: In the auditorium, when Tea Leoni is giving her speech about Pepe the mummy, Greg Kinnear (who is not visible to anyone but Ricky Gervais) starts yelling and Ricky Gervais gets up to walk away. As Greg Kinnear is yelling, an extra a few rows up turns to look at him. That shouldn't happen because the whole plot hinges on the fact that no one can see or hear these people besides Ricky Gervais.

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Baby Mama picture

Revealing mistake: When Angie is having her ultrasound, if you keep an eye on the monitor, you can see that the baby shows up before the doctor places the reader on Angie's stomach.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall picture

Revealing mistake: When they meet up for dinner (Aldous, Sarah, Peter and the hotel clerk), the restaurant host says he is sorry that they have to wait 5 minutes, and you can see that Sarah is obviously way shorter than Aldous. From the front, Sarah comes up to Aldous' eyes, but when they cut to the back, she is almost below his shoulders. Then when they start walking, she steps off a platform of some sort. They seemed to make her taller for just that frame, and then when they are walking throughout the movie, they don't seem to compensate for the difference.

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Revolutionary Road picture

Revealing mistake: During the first scene of Revolutionary Road, when the main characters are walking out of the school, I noticed smoke detectors on the ceiling.

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Let the Right One In picture

Revealing mistake: When Eli's guardian is disposing of the body of the man she killed in the underpass, we can see that the 'body' is a very poor quality dummy, the hands especially are very plastic-looking.

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Made of Honor picture

Revealing mistake: When Colin plays basketball he dunks the ball several times, but if you look carefully you'll notice that in some shots it's a stunt dunking for him who's taller.

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Deception picture

Revealing mistake: Lighting screens are constantly reflected in McQuarry's glasses all through the film.

Sacha Premium member
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