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Cloverfield picture

Trivia: When the credits have finished rolling there is a garbled radio transmission of what sounds like Rob saying "Help us." But when played in reverse you can clearly hear him saying "It's still alive."

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The X-Files: I Want to Believe pictureThe X-Files: I Want to Believe mistake picture

Trivia: Actress Vanessa Morley, who plays Samantha Mulder in the series, makes a cameo as an agent walking past Mulder and Scully at the headquarters.

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Eagle Eye picture

Trivia: When Jerry and Rachel are in the Circuit City, there is a poster for Disturbia, a movie that starred Shia LaBeouf and was directed by D.J. Caruso, who directed this film.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button pictureThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button mistake picture

Trivia: Shiloh (Brad Pitt's daughter) has a cameo in his movie. (02:22:20)

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Saw V picture

Trivia: (Spoiler) Strahm is killed by the walls of the final room crushing him. However, in the original script, rather than the walls crushing, the room was supposed to fill with water, thus mirroring that trap that nearly killed Strahm in the beginning of the movie. Due to practicality reasons, this idea was dropped, though it does explain the air-tubes coming of the glass box. (Which would have been for Strahm to breath.)

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Doubt picture

Trivia: Philip Seymour Hoffman was the only actor who knew whether or not Father Flynn was actually guilty.

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One Missed Call picture

Trivia: Laura Harring, who plays Shannyn Sossamon's mother, is only 14 years older than Sossamon.

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