Best fantasy movie audio problems of 2008

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian picture

Audio problem: In the Pevensies' treasure chamber, there is a giant rock on top of Peter's treasure chest. When he opens the chest, the sound of the rock hitting the ground is more like that of a small pebble. (00:22:55)

Cubs Fan Premium member

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Repo! The Genetic Opera picture

Audio problem: Right before the end credits, as Grave Robber says "But Genco may survive if it undergoes surgery", right as Grave Robber says the word "may", his lips briefly don't match what is being said. (Confirmed in DVD commentary.).


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The Dark Knight picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Alfred is stitching up Bruce, Bruce says "I wanted to inspire people." As he says "people" the shot changes and his lips aren't moving, but the audio track continues.

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The Spiderwick Chronicles picture

Audio problem: When Jared is arguing with his mom in the car, his mouth isn't moving.

Brad Premium member

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Ghost Town picture

Audio problem: At the hospital, just before it cuts to Dr. Pincus answering, or rather not answering, the nurse's admittance questions, when a doctor asks about his charts as he says, "I appreciate it," his mouth is not in sync with the words. (00:09:45)

Super Grover Premium member

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The Colour of Magic picture

Audio problem: In part II, after Cohen has killed the High Priest he sheaths his sword. You can see that he actually misses the scabbard, and slides his sword down the side of it, but the sound of the sword being sheathed can still be heard as the camera pans to Rincewind.


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Hellboy II: The Golden Army picture

Audio problem: At the beginning, when Professor Broom and the young Hellboy are spending Christmas Eve at a military base in New Mexico, Broom insists that Hellboy go to bed, while Hellboy insists that Broom first tell a bedtime story: "Just one, and then I'll go to bed right away, I promise!" Which is an overdub (one of several in this scene). More than once, the young Hellboy's mouth visibly says something very different than is heard in the audio.

Charles Austin Miller

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Futurama: Bender's Game picture

Audio problem: When Mom goes to slap her kids after they fail to find Farnsworth, Fry and Leela, she slaps Walt but you don't hear it until she's halfway through slapping him. (00:47:30)

Casual Person

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