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Journey to the Center of the Earth picture

Factual error: Trevor - a Professor of Geology - boasts about having an article published in Scientific American, and that is not something any scientist would do. Scientific American is looked upon with slight disdain by the scientific community, considered to be a populist crowd pleaser. It is not even peer reviewed. Considering that he has just turned the geological and archaeological worlds on their heads he would have been better off publishing in Journal of Geological Research or Geology, both prestigious professional journals.

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Ponyo picture

Factual error: In the very first scene a giant squid swims past Fujimoto. It swims in the wrong direction however, with its tentacles in front. In reality squid swim backwards.

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Wall-E picture

Factual error: As a trash compactor Wall-E does not function logically. When he fills his chest compartment with garbage and runs his internal compactor, the cube that exits his body is the same volume as the trash he puts in, despite that trash having been compacted. He does not add extra trash to fill the empty space after running the compactor - there are three scenes that show him filling up only once with loose garbage and then ejecting a densely compacted cube. (00:02:30)

BocaDavie Premium member

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Suggested correction: You haven't noticed the exact shape of his body. The back sticks out a tad. Garbage fills the space and the back pushes in to compress it.

You've missed the point of the mistake here. The cube that is ejected is the same size as the compartment. Wall-E puts loose fitting items into the compactor with gaps between items but once it's been crushed and compacted it's exactly the same size as before. It should be smaller.

Ssiscool Premium member

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Bolt picture Bolt mistake picture

Factual error: Near the beginning of the film, Calico is sitting with a cat on his right shoulder. Their reflection is shown in the glasses of a man directly opposite. The reflection shows Calico and the cat in the same position instead of being reversed, as a reflection would be. (00:04:30)

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Nim's Island picture

Factual error: Alex Rover travels from San Francisco in a large plane to Borneo, then a small plane to Rarotonga, then a small boat to Tuvalu, then a helicopter to the Buccaneer cruise ship (located close enough to Nim's Island at 20S-162W for her to row there). My globe shows these places to generally be too far from one another given the particular mode of transport. Borneo and Tuvalu are too far out of the way to fit with this story.

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Horton Hears a Who picture

Factual error: When Horton first crosses the bridge he breaks all of the planks. Then at the end when the angry mob goes to get him, they seem to have crossed the fully broken bridge to get to the other side.


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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa picture

Factual error: When Motomoto and Gloria were digging for water, they threw all the jewels and gold into a pile. The gold in the basket would weigh more than 1200 pounds. Also, real gold comes fused to other rock, and rarely in pure form.


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Marley & Me picture

Factual error: When Marley runs on the field during the Marlins' Bark at the Park night, the stadium scoreboard can be seen briefly behind him and John. "WAS" (Washington) is listed as one of the teams playing a game that night, despite the fact that Washington did not have a team before 2004 and the film takes place in the early 90s.


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City of Ember picture

Factual error: In the beginning dialogue when the narrator is talking about the locked box being passed down from mayor to mayor, when it reaches the 7th mayor, the counter is at 47. Later, when Lina is delivering a message to the current mayor, she stops at the portrait of the 7th mayor and says it is her ancestor. In that portrait, the box is visible under his arm with the counter showing 120.

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iCarly: iGo to Japan picture

Factual error: In scenes apparently in Japan, all the cars drive on the right side of the road. In actuality, the Japanese drive on the left side of the road.


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Bedtime Stories picture

Factual error: When Kendall is about to implode the school, the demolition practices are completely unfeasible. The school would be completely gutted, with all glass, copper, and plumbing removed (the building simply looks cleaned out a bit); additionally, significant structural damage would be intentionally introduced to weaken the internal support (every wall is largely cored); further, the school building and/or surrounding buildings would be sealed in tarps to minimize damage spread; finally, the crowd of protesters and onlookers would be at least a quarter-mile away. Even given this is a bit of a fairy-tale story, the demolition techniques are completely incorrect on several levels.

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High School Musical 3: Senior Year picture

Factual error: When Troy calls to Gabriela from the rooftop, the clock on the school's facade reads about 7:46, but the sun is almost directly overhead. There's no way it's quarter to eight in the morning.

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Kung Fu Panda picture

Factual error: After Tigress tells the backstory of Tai Lung the scene transitions from her being a cub to an adult. Young Tigress' stripes don't match the pattern of Adult Tigress. Tiger stripes don't change with age.

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Inkheart picture

Factual error: The Volkswagen Campervan that is used at the beginning of the film has a Zürich number plate, yet the cantonal coat of arms to the right of the number plate is that of the canton of Ticino (red and blue stripe). This is incorrect: The coat of arms should have been a white-blue stripe, which is the coat of arms of Zürich Canton and would correspond correctly to the number plate.

Low Cow

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Speed Racer picture

Factual error: In the first scene, the math problem is wrong. It says "Grave buys a bag of 240 jellybeans. There are 35 yellow ones, 52 red ones, 63 green ones, 26 white ones, 41 blue ones, and 40 black ones." That is 257 jellybeans not 240. Don't ask why I stopped and did that math.


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