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Hancock picture

Factual error: Basic physics - Hancock throws Michel from a dead stop to above cloud level in about eleven seconds. The clouds are bog standard cumulus which form at around 7,000 metres in temperate zones. This means that Michel accelerates to about 700 metres per second instantly, from a dead stop. Obviously he cannot accelerate during his ascent, so his starting speed has to be at least that. (In fact he would have to start his ascent much, much faster than 700 metres per second as he would be constantly decelerating due to gravity and air resistance, but it will do as a start point.) Michel accelerates from 0 to 2,520 kilometres per hour - twice the speed of sound - in zero seconds. He would be accelerating at around 5000 Gs, turning him into a very long streak of fine, pink mist.

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The Dark Knight picture

Factual error: After escaping the hospital, Harvey Dent wears the same charred suit he was wearing when he was brought to the hospital. That suit would not have been neatly taken off and left intact. It would have been cut off with shears so as not to accidentally remove any damaged skin and flesh when pulling the pants and shirt off. The blazer might still be intact but certainly not the pants and shirt.


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The Bank Job picture

Factual error: We see Jason Statham walking into a shop in 1971 which has a Visa/Barclaycard logo on the door. Only problem with that is that the name Visa wasn't brought in until 1977.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Slumdog Millionaire picture

Factual error: Lord Rama is shown holding the bow in the right hand and raising the left hand for blessings. In Hindu practice the blessings are always given by right hand.

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Vantage Point picture

Factual error: The flag on the outer left of the square keeps changing between the correct flag for Germany (horizontal black, red, yellow) as seen from the aerial shot when the bomb explodes, and a wrong version (horizontal red, yellow, black) which can be seen when Howard Lewis first accesses the square. (00:34:25)

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21 (2008)

21 picture

Factual error: Jill tells Ben that she has a suite at the Hard Rock and asks if he would like to see it. In the next scene it shows her looking out the window (presumably at the Hard Rock) and seeing the fountains of the Bellagio. This is not possible as these two resorts are almost two miles apart on different roads.

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Mad Money picture

Factual error: In Federal Reserve cash processing facilities, multiple denominations of money are never allowed to mingle.

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Max Payne picture

Factual error: In the film, Sgt. Jack Lupino is depicted as a United States Marine Corp Sargent. However, when Max is watching an interview with Lupino it shows him wearing either a Gunnery Sargent or Master Sargent chevrons. Not only that, but the chevrons happen to be upside down. No US Marine would ever make a mistake like that.

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Transporter 3 picture

Factual error: In order to detach wagons from the train you have to do more than simply taking off an unsecured lid in the ground and ripping out some cables.


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Pineapple Express picture

Factual error: Throughout the entire scene in the police car chase, the slushy on the windscreen seems to have a host of problems. For starters the slushy is covered completely over the windscreen. Franco was hit and the slushy landed on the windscreen. Unless it was poured evenly down, it would spread out from where it hit. It could cover a good area of the screen, just not the entire screen. The next problem is the density of it. Certainly it could cover much of the screen but it's primarily ice and liquid. The substance would slide down the windshield and dry up. The fact they are driving so fast, swerving around etc., would mean the substance wouldn't likely stay stuck to the windows. Even if it had a good deal of time to stick, it would be near impossible. Finally the windshield in many shots appears to be in blotches like a painting. Again, the substance is not paint, it was spilt on and was only one substance. The substance might be more concentrated where it hit, but it would be less concentrated in other locations.

Lummie Premium member

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Miracle at St. Anna picture

Factual error: When the soldiers return to HQs, the American flag, hung vertically over the entrance, has the blue field with stars on the right. The flag, when hung vertically, is supposed to have the blue field on the left..

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Man on Wire picture

Factual error: In the scenes of the world, when they show the plane flying between destinations, the location of Dublin in Ireland should be at least 50 miles further north along the coastline, as Dublin is not on the south coast of Ireland.

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Changeling picture

Factual error: A woman is shown receiving electroshock treatment ("ECT") in a hospital scene which took place in 1928. Although chemicals were used to induce seizures in psychiatric treatments at the time, the use of electricity for the purpose was not discovered until 1937 and not used in the United States until 1940.

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Taken picture

Factual error: Bryan's hot wiring of the Volkswagen Golf is feasible, all except that he doesn't break the physical steering lock that would prevent him from turning the wheel. Old Volkswagens are quite difficult to break the steering lock, a sharp snap of the wheel does not break it as it's quite a bit more sturdy than a mere pin. Pulling at the wires does nothing to affect the steering lock, and the lock is shielded precisely to stop outside tampering. Not enough time had passed for him to achieve the task of removing the security. The scene shown is not a condensed montage scene, it's a complete scene from start to finish of what Bryan did to steal the car, and the steering lock was never broken.


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Burn After Reading picture

Factual error: The layout of the Cox's house doesn't make sense. The house is an end-terrace - stairs on the right side (from the front). The stairs rise to the back, and perform a 180 degree turn. The first door on the left is the Cox's bedroom. The wall opposite to the bedroom door would be a solid wall - the partition wall to the neighbouring terrace. Instead it has a well lit window.

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Deception picture

Factual error: At the end of the film, Wyatt and McQuarry each take a briefcase containing $5 million dollars. $1 million dollars in $100 dollar bills (highest denomination in circulation) weighs approximately 22lbs = 110lbs for $5 million. $5 million in $100 dollar bills is also approximately 3445 cu. in. in volume. This would not likely fit in the cases they are carrying, and would not be as easy to carry as they are.

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Punisher: War Zone picture

Factual error: If Billy/Jigsaw's facial muscles and tendons were "completely destroyed" as his doctor indicates, there is no way he would be able to speak normally, and especially not in his original voice.


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In Bruges picture

Factual error: Harry is supposed to have loaded his gun with expanding bullets before shooting Ray. Then the bullets are supposed to have gone through Ray, causing minimal damage, before blowing Jimmy the dwarf's head off. In reality, the bullets would have expanded upon impact with Ray, tearing up his torso and certainly killing him after the number of shots that he took. If any bullet fragments were to escape and hit Jimmy, they would not have caused the kind of damage depicted.


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Transsiberian picture

Factual error: In the film, the train is hauled by diesel locomotives on a single track not electrified line. Since early 2000 the Trans-Siberian is double-track and fully electrified.

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The Machine Girl picture

Factual error: When Ami and Miki are driving nails into the henchman's face to make him talk, it is very clear that the depth of the nails would have killed him, as they would have penetrated deep into his brain. Obviously done for stylistic effect, but a mistake nonetheless.

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