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Star Wars: The Clone Wars picture

Other mistake: During the Battle of Teth (the pillared jungle planet), the AT-TE's shoot the ledge at the top and there's not a single mark on the ledge afterwards, despite being hit with several joules worth of fire.

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Wall-E picture

Other mistake: When Eve repairs Wall-E, she uses a jack to push him back into shape, putting it in one side, and separating it. Then she slides it to the other side. The jack collapses instantly as she slides it; if jacks collapsed that easily they wouldn't be very useful. The sort of jack she uses doesn't have a release mechanism either. (01:22:30)

James King III
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Ponyo picture

Other mistake: After retrieving Ponyo from Sosuke, Fujimoto is trying to get her to eat. He calls her Ponyo despite not learning her name until a few moments later.

Low Cow
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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa picture

Other mistake: Alex is dancing as he is fighting Teetsi. Makunga is shown saying "this is even better than I thought." The lion behind him (in the crowd) in the same scene is also seen mouthing the line at the same time.

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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs pictureFuturama: The Beast with a Billion Backs mistake picture

Other mistake: When Fry and Colleen are lying in bed, his hand is around her shoulder but it is the same colour of Colleen's skin. (00:04:25)

Casual Person
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Kung Fu Panda picture

Other mistake: When the villagers return to their homes, Po is seen emerging from an alley obscured with dust. In the shot where we can only see his profile, Po's "cape" is blowing in the wind, but the dust does not seem to be affected.

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Igor picture

Other mistake: When Schadenfreude is playing the piano the first time he's on screen, he starts off by playing a slow, dark piece. Right before the piece turns to a more jazzy, upbeat number, he plays three final chords: The first is higher then the others, the second is lower, and the third is somewhere in the middle. But, if you watch his hands, the first two chords were mixed up: the first chord is played with his left hand on the lower half of the piano, and the second is played with his right hand, visibly on the higher keys. This doesn't match the audio, as the chord was supposed to be lower then the first, not higher.

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Futurama: Bender's Game picture

Other mistake: When Leela is pumping dark matter, you see the lumps in the hose that's supposed to be the matter. But the nozzle is a regular nozzle, and the balls squeeze through easily, even though they're super-dense, and therefore solid.

Movie Nut
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