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Hitman picture

Trivia: In the opening credits of Hitman, there are several scenes involving children training. Many of these scenes were from footage from the first season of Dark Angel (appeared on Fox on October 3, 2000).

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Run, Fat Boy, Run picture

Trivia: Simon Pegg didn't know that the Hank Azaria was actually going to completely undress, so his shocked reaction is entirely real.

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Surf's Up picture

Trivia: Tank's eyes are two different colors - brown and blue.


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Epic Movie picture

Trivia: If you look carefully when the stuff falls out of the wardrobe, you will see a Deal or No Deal case.


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Across the Universe picture

Trivia: Not only are all of the main characters named after characters in Beatle's songs, most of the minor ones are too. For example, Rita the contortionist is from "Lovely Rita", Jude's Mother, Martha, is from "Martha My Dear", and Danny, Lucy's first boyfriend, is from "Rocky Raccoon."

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Beowulf picture

Trivia: The strange language in which Grendel (and sometimes his mother) speaks is Old English (a.k.a Anglo-Saxon), the language in which the poem was originally written.

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The Mist picture The Mist trivia picture

Trivia: At the very beginning, David sits in front of his newest drawing, showing a man with two guns, a rose right of him and a tower far behind on the left side. This drawing shows Roland, a character out of "The Dark Tower", a well-known series of books from Stephen King. This drawing is shown again, some time later after the storm, and David tells that this drawing was meant to become a film poster. (00:00:30)

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Hostel: Part II picture

Trivia: When Stuart's severed "bits and pieces" are snatched up and eaten by one of the guard-dogs, special dog-food-based versions of the genitals had to be constructed by the makeup-effects team in order for the dog to be able to safely ingest them.

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The Brave One picture

Trivia: In one scene, Jodie Foster appears to be wearing a T-shirt with the screenprint of a Death Head Moth on it. This is the same moth associated with the Buffalo Bill character in The Silence of the Lambs.

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Planet Terror picture

Trivia: When Tammy [Stacey Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas] tries to hitch a ride at night after her car breaks down, she is attacked by silhouetted zombies. When the first zombie attacks her, hit the pause/slow motion button on your DVD player: you will see a figure in a jacket and he has a bonnet covering his head. That person is Quentin Tarantino.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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30 Days of Night picture

Trivia: During the scene showing the mass attack on the town, as one man's thrown off a roof he lets out a Wilhelm scream.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep picture

Trivia: In Celtic folklore, a Water Horse is another name for a Kelpie, a rather nasty water spirit that would drown curious passersby. An odd name for a friendly gentle creature as depicted in the film.

Grumpy Scot

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Good Luck Chuck picture

Trivia: The Medical Building that Chuck and Stu have their offices in is named the Seltaeb Building - "Beatles" spelled backwards.

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Disturbia picture

Trivia: In the scene when Ashley and Kale prepare for their plan of making observations on Mr. Turner and Ashley reads an article on the Internet, the picture of the dead woman in the computer screen comes from and is an actual picture of a dead body. (00:39:20)

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Mr. Brooks picture

Trivia: At about 1.48, while Mr. Brooks is reading a paper in a diner, the newspaper - USA Today - has only the headlines and first few lines written in English. The rest is in Latin. You can see it on the Bluray disc.

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Grindhouse picture

Trivia: When Mike joins the first foursome of girls on the bar's porch, he asks 'Jungle Julia' if she's the person on a billboard near the Big Kahuna Burger restaurant. This is a fictitious joint also featured in Pulp Fiction during the scene when Travolta and Jackson kill the college guys.


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National Treasure: Book of Secrets picture

Trivia: The easter egg roll scene was filmed on Mount Vernon, with the White House added in the background.

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The Savages picture

Trivia: In the scene when the siblings are checking their father out of hospital, all of the announcements coming over the PA system are sampled from the start of the Queensryche song 'Eyes of a Stranger'.

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