Best horror movie plot holes of 2007

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Resident Evil: Extinction picture

Plot hole: When the survivors break into the Umbrella compound, Alice helps load survivors onto the helicopter. The helicopter portrayed has a max occupancy of 6, and somehow Alice manages to squeeze 20+ survivors onto the helicopter, with no problems whatsoever.

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Halloween picture

Plot hole: Laurie calls the police from 1987 Winchester drive, and gives them that address. Yet the police responding to the call go directly to 1960 Winchester drive - where Laurie has run to and is now hiding - even though it's on the other side of the street and several houses down. (01:31:30 - 01:33:40)

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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End picture

Plot hole: If Nina was hiding where she couldn't see the truck, how did she know that Mara was tied to the hood of it?

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White Noise 2: The Light picture

Plot hole: After Abe is shot, an ambulance shows up, throws Sherry in the back and leaves. There is no way that the paramedics would leave without first speaking to the police on site, making sure that no one else there needed medical help and confirming Abe was dead. I've ridden with an ambulance 4 or 5 times and they never stay at a scene less than 15-20 minutes.

Grumpy Scot
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Saw IV picture

Plot hole: Rigg plays the woman's tape without rewinding it and it starts at the start of the tape. The woman would have listened to the tape to know the knife was under the TV. But why would she rewind the tape to the beginning after? (00:27:00)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Hostel: Part II picture

Plot hole: When Whitney leaves her train carriage to go and look for a policeman, the 3 drunk sleazy Italian guys are at most five metres away and have clear visibility of the corridor. It is unrealistic how they would not have been able to see her.

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1408 picture

Plot hole: Time inside room 1408 moves differently than time outside it, as evidenced by the fact that Mike spends weeks or even months in what he thinks is his home in California, while in reality he is still "in" the room. The Hotel's manager states that no one has ever lasted more than an hour inside 1408. He goes on to cite many examples where the guests died after just a few minutes. No previously sane individual commits suicide after spending a few minutes in an eerie room, obviously, so the only explanation is the one offered by the "receptionist" over the phone, albeit in fewer words: guests in room 1408, while experiencing their own time frame inside the room, are in fact reliving the same hour over and over according to the rest of the world's time frame. This being the case, Mike's ex-wife should not have showed up at the climax since Mike's hour had just started over, undoing the call he placed to her earlier in the film but later in the hour. Whether or not the film makers intended this inference is irrelevant as the movie plainly lays out these conditions and must therefore adhere to them lest a plot hole be created. [This keeps being debated back and forth - ultimately there's not going to be any absolute resolution, so it's being locked down as a mistake and viewers will just have to make up their own minds - Jon.]

Phixius Premium member
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28 Weeks Later picture

Plot hole: There is no way Don could have met his children at the underground station at the end of the film, with no way of knowing where they were going, and with no means of transport to get there that quickly.

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P2 (2007)

P2 picture

Plot hole: Jim leaves to attend his family Christmas as evident by his dialogue in the opening scene, and evidently Carl is supposed to be at home to his family in the morning as well, but both are killed by Thomas. When the movie ends with Angela entering the city, it is early morning just before sunrise. Jim and Carl's families would have noted that they were not home on time, and therefore would have had someone searching for them. This makes it implausible that Angela's situation would not have been discovered.

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Rec picture

Plot hole: In the scene where they go to the intern's apartment to find the key to go out the through the basement there is a moment where they can't remember which apartment belongs to the intern. When they ask the cop who did roll call he can't remember. Angela says that in order to figure it out they should go check the mailboxes in the lobby and match up the name. This would lead them back past all the infected people and undoubtedly make the movie more interesting but it would have been safer and quicker to rewind the tape in the video camera and see which apartment the intern claimed when his name was called.

oddy knocky
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The Messengers picture

Plot hole: If the crows are supposed to be messengers, why didn't they attack Burwell every time he was outside?

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Premonition picture

Plot hole: When Bridgette ran through the glass and Linda and Jim were at the hospital Jim tells Linda he called her mom and told her what happened and she was coming to stay over the next day. Yet apparently her mom forgot what happened because she had her committed because Linda didn't remember what happened to Bridgette's face. Also, Bridgette was like 9. How come no-one just asked her what happened?

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The Deaths of Ian Stone picture

Plot hole: After the first death, Ian is in the office and after the conversation with the girl the scene starts to speed up, indicating that time is passing by at a fast pace; yet even with the rapid time change, the sun's rays that pass through the office never move or change in any way as it should.

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