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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix picture

Dolores Umbridge: What? Do something! Tell them I mean no harm!
Harry Potter: I'm sorry Professor. I must not tell lies.

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High School Musical 2 picture

Chad Danforth: You got game?
Ryan Evans: A little.

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Fred Claus picture

Fred Claus: Nick, there's been one thing that's been eating at me since I've been here. That Naughty-Nice List that you got? There's no naughty kids, Nick. They're all good kids. But some of them are scared. And some of them don't feel listened to. Some of them had some pretty tough breaks too. But every kid deserves a present on Christmas.

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Ratatouille picture

Remy: What is that?
Emile: I don't really know.
Remy: You don't know... And you're eating it.
Emile: You know, if you muscle your way past the gag reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.

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Shrek 3 picture

Artie: If there's something you want to do, or someone you really want to be, then the only one standing in your way... is you.
Rumplestiltskin: Me?
Guard #1: Get him, lads.

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Nancy Drew picture

Ned Nickerson: There it is. Just like clockwork.
Nancy Drew: What?
Ned Nickerson: Postpartum depression. You're sad the case is over.
Nancy Drew: That's ridiculous. I'm glad it all worked out.
Ned Nickerson: You're only happy when there is trouble. This I know for sure.

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Surf's Up picture

Ivan "Fire Urchin": Stepped on me, stepped on me? Are you kidding? This guy was dancing on me! I mean just look at this, broken, broken, gone, gone, broken, broken, broken.

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Enchanted picture

Giselle: No one has been very nice to me.
Robert: Yeah, well, welcome to New York.
Giselle: Thank you!

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Bee Movie picture

Adam Flayman: Wow! She looked hot.
Barry B. Benson: She's my cousin.
Adam Flayman: She is?
Barry B. Benson: Yes, we're all cousins.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks picture

Alvin: I feel like P. Diddy with fur.

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The Game Plan picture

Peyton Kelly: My mommy says Fanny's Burgers make kids fat and give you gas.

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Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium picture

Henry Weston: You know, some people... send flowers, or cards, or... give people hugs. I... make sure their paper work's all in order. I thought I'd try something different.

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Son of Rambow picture

Will: O my God, I've come to say thank you for your love today. Thank you for my family and all the friends you give to me. Guard me in the dark of night, and in the morning, send your light. Amen.

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Are We Done Yet? picture

Nick Persons: We'll take it.

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The Sandlot: Heading Home picture

St. Agnus Coach: I'm not lookin' for athletes, Earl. I'm lookin' for ballplayers. And I just found one.

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Holiday in Handcuffs picture

Trudie: There may not be such a thing as a perfect job, a perfect life or a perfect family, but there is such a thing as a perfect moment. So I take back what I said. Doing one crazy thing probably does make you crazy, but it also can make you happy.

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The Golden Compass picture

Lord Asriel: I wouldn't recommend the Tokay, gentlemen, it's corked.

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Bratz picture

Sasha: Two words: Duhh.

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Daddy Day Camp picture

Phil: I've gotta drop the kids off at the pool.
Juliette: We have a pool?
Phil: Uh, no.

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Bridge to Terabithia picture

Jesse Aarons: How come you're so good at that?
Leslie Burke: Good at what?
Jesse Aarons: Building stuff. I mean, you're really good at it for a girl.
Leslie Burke: Same way I'm fast... for a girl.
Jesse Aarons: You know what I mean.
Leslie Burke: You're pretty good at art, for a boy.
Jesse Aarons: Okay, okay, truce.

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