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No Country For Old Men picture

Character mistake: When Moss is arguing with the border guard at the Eagle Pass international bridge, he claims that he is a veteran of the "12th Infantry Battalion." There has never been such a thing as the 12th Infantry Battalion in either the Army or the Marines. Rather, they are based on a structure of 3-4 battalions per numbered regiment (i.e., 1st Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment/2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, etc). The film takes this seriously, as the guard, a veteran himself, buys Moss' story.

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Suggested correction: He might have meant 12th Infantry Regiment. From Wikipedia: "Three 12th Infantry battalions deployed to South Vietnam with the 4th Division from August through October 1966."

If he said "battalion" but meant "regiment", then it's still a valid mistake for saying it wrong and being believed.


Regiments have not existed as functional units in the US Army since shortly after Korea; they are simply historic names associated with various battalions. Marine battalions are not numbered higher than 4 in any regiment, and in any case do not carry an explicit designation of "infantry."

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Disturbia picture

Character mistake: In one scene, Ashley looks into Mr. Turner's yard with binoculars. She looks through the large glass circles. That would result in seeing everything smaller. If you want to see everything bigger, you are supposed to look through the small glass circles.

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Halloween picture

Character mistake: When Sheriff Brackett is talking to Loomis at the food stand, he calls him Don. His name is Sam. Even says it in the subtitles. (01:19:35)

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Suggested correction: He could possibly be saying "Doc".

No, he's definitely saying "Don." It's never been addressed, but I think it's an honest mistake with two people who have never met before and maybe an homage to Donald Pleasance, who played Loomis before.

It's hard to say, but it does sound like "Don." The sheriff says "doc" two times later in the same scene and those two times definitely sounds different than the first time. But I don't think it's meant to be a homage to anyone. I think it's just an actor who flubbed the word.


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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End picture

Character mistake: Jonesy says he read about Amber going to West Point. She was a Marine, and not in the Army, which is what West Point is for.

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High School Musical 2 picture

Character mistake: Chad actually steps on first base before the baseman has the ball. He was safe.

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Ghost Rider picture

Character mistake: When Johnny Blaze plans on jumping the football field he says he is jumping field goal to field goal. The movie says multiple times he is jumping 300 feet. End zone to end zone is 300 feet. Field goal post to field goal post is 360 feet.

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Awake picture

Character mistake: The endotracheal tube (breathing tube) was not secured to the patient. It is standard practice to secure this tube to the patient in order to keep it in place.

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The Great Debaters picture

Character mistake: The definition of Satyagraha that Wilson, the butler at Harvard, gives is partially correct. Wilson defines it as "truth and fairness." A quick look at Wikipedia defines Satyagraha as "holding the truth." The definition from the online Merriam-Webster dictionary could be loosely described as "persistence of truth." (01:38:30)

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I Know Who Killed Me picture

Character mistake: The coroner examining Jennifer Toland's body reports that her fingers were cut off first, then the metacarpals (palm bones) were removed later. Given that when she is found her entire limb is missing up to her mid-forearm, how could he possibly tell not only that the missing part was not all removed at once, but which bits were cut off in which order?

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix picture

Character mistake: In the scene just before Harry and Cho kiss in the Room of Requirement, there is a clear Daily Prophet headline to the right of the mirror - 'Mystery Disappearences' a mis-spelling of the word disappearances.

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I Am Legend picture

Character mistake: When LT. Col. Robert Neville's wife fails the eye scan and he's ordering the soldiers to scan her again, the soldier that escorts them to the scan point, and later to the helicopter mistakenly uses Will Smith's real last name. You can faintly here him identifying LT. Col. Robert Neville to another soldier as LT. Col. Robert Smith.


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Freedom Writers picture

Character mistake: When Ms. Gruwell tells Gloria to read the first sentence on the board Gloria reads "Odysseus had no sense of direction." but on the board something different was written.

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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry picture

Character mistake: After they get out of the hospital, in the background behind Kevin James, a poster misspells Cincinnati. It instead says "Cincinatti."

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Superman/Doomsday picture

Character mistake: As Lex is studying the recording of when Superman's body vanishes, he says "A 19 second black out at 3:47 AM." But the clock on the video shows it goes from 3:47:05 when the blackout starts, to 3:47:26. The blackout was 21 seconds, not 19. (00:45:55)

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Mr. Brooks picture Mr. Brooks mistake picture

Character mistake: When Mr. Brooks and Marshall hack into the police database and are looking at detective Tracy Atwood's financial records there is a screenshot of the computer screen showing some very terrible spelling.


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The Simpsons Movie picture

Character mistake: The mob is marching to Homer, however they are going the wrong way. In the mob we see several people who all know where Homer lives. So why march the other way? (00:31:40)

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The Bourne Ultimatum picture

Character mistake: As Jason reads the Guardian Newspaper, he finds an article about himself entitled, "Who is Jason Bourne?" The caption for the article reads, "His code name is Jason Bourne, but he had many identities, each one seemingly more deadly then the next," instead of "more deadly than the next." (00:12:50)

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The Last Legion picture

Character mistake: Merlin tells Arthur that Pendragon means Son Of the Dragon when it actually means Top Dragon or senior leader. Pen is Welsh for top not son.

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