Best biography movie continuity mistakes of 2007

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly picture

Continuity mistake: When Jean-Do is shaving his father, there is suddenly a lot more shaving cream under his nose where he had already been shaved. Also, because the camera is so close, you can tell that he had no stubble anywhere to begin with. (00:55:30)

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Charlie Wilson's War picture

Continuity mistake: In the final scene at the hangar where Tom Hanks is being honored, Julia Roberts has gloves on and then doesn't as she is applauding and blowing kisses.

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The Assassination of Jesse James picture

Continuity mistake: During the conversation between Jesse James and Charley Ford after James has killed Ed Miller and woke Charley in the middle of the night, Charley's right suspender is initially twisted, yet, in the next shot his suspender is flat against his body, and remains so for the rest of the sequence.

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Persepolis picture

Continuity mistake: While discussing her bodily changes during adolescence, Marji says her left foot became enormous, but the scene shows her right foot growing larger.

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Rise of the Footsoldier picture

Continuity mistake: When Eddie is about to be interrogated by the Turks, he's tied up with his hat on. In the next shot his hat is off, and just as the Turk administers the truth shot he rips Eddie's hat of his head.

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Into the Wild picture

Continuity mistake: When Chris is in the trailer with Tracy, he walks inside with his towel around the back of his neck. During the scene he takes the towel off, then when we see a shot from behind him later, the towel is still there.

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Music Within picture

Continuity mistake: In 25 years neither Richard, Art, Chris nor Nikos age. They all look exactly the same throughout the movie.

Sacha Premium member
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What We Do Is Secret picture

Continuity mistake: During the September 4, 1977 show at the Masque, Darby cuts a line on his chest with broken glass. The shape and position of the cut changes between shots during and after the show.

Jason Sieberg
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