Best animated movie character mistakes of 2007

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Superman/Doomsday picture

Character mistake: As Lex is studying the recording of when Superman's body vanishes, he says "A 19 second black out at 3:47 AM." But the clock on the video shows it goes from 3:47:05 when the blackout starts, to 3:47:26. The blackout was 21 seconds, not 19. (00:45:55)

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The Simpsons Movie picture

Character mistake: The mob is marching to Homer, however they are going the wrong way. In the mob we see several people who all know where Homer lives. So why march the other way? (00:31:40)

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Character mistake: When the Level 3 Sentry gun is revealed on the right of the screen and fires a rocket barrage to the left, you hear it explode as the Engi looks over. You then hear Scout scream "My arm!" really loud. Then an disembodied arm falls in front of Engi with a plop. However, this arm is from the character model of Sniper, not Scout. (00:00:45)

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