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Pathfinder picture

Continuity mistake: The writing on Ghost's sword early in the film has the Turisas rune (representing TH in Thunder) near the hilt, but later not only is a different font used but now the Dagalas rune (representing the D in sword) is at the hilt.

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Shoot 'Em Up picture

Continuity mistake: During the love scene between Smith and Donna, when the killers first come in the door, Smith's pants keep changing from being down (while he is having sex with Donna) to up around his waist like normal as he rolls off of the bed.

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Superman/Doomsday pictureSuperman/Doomsday mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Doomsday slams Superman down into the subway, the hole they make in the street is right in the middle of a crossing. But a minute later in the film as civilians are walking up to the hole, there are no lines anywhere around it. Moments later after Jimmy takes a picture of the hole, the shot cuts to a far angle and now the hole is next to the crosswalk lines, and in that shot the stairway entrance to the subway station also vanishes. The road also becomes much wider with more lanes, and the red truck turns around. (00:22:40 - 00:23:25)

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The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising picture

Continuity mistake: When the two men are carrying the Christmas tree on the road, it is a huge tree, but when they carry it through the door into the house, it is significantly smaller.

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Futurama: Bender's Big Score picture

Continuity mistake: In the hybraxi, Al Gore's blazer is blue and he is wearing a red tie, but in the next shot, it is brown and he has no tie.

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The Hunting Party picture

Continuity mistake: When being shot at by the angry waiter, the right hand door mirror was hit by the rifle shot. A few seconds later a view shows only a very minor hole in the glass, and no damage to the rest of the mirror. Surely a rifle shot would have caused more damage to plastic and chrome trim, almost surely passing right through. (00:30:20)

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Beowulf picture

Continuity mistake: All wide shots of Hrothgar's hall show it in the outer ward of his fortress, about two hundred metres from the towers on the edge of the cliff, with open ground on three sides and an embankment on the fourth. But later several characters are able to step straight out of the hall onto a balcony that overhangs the cliffs and sea below.

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Sunshine picture

Continuity mistake: When Cillian Murphy's character is recording his message prior to entering the 'dead zone', our viewpoint is from within the monitor in front of him. As such, we see the on-screen image he sees, but reversed, floating between our vantage point and his image. At the bottom of the screen are touch-screen function 'buttons', again in reverse, which read (our left to right) 'RECORD', 'SEND', 'DELETE' and 'REVIEW'. But when our view changes to see the screen as we look over his shoulder from behind him, the visible buttons now read (right to left) 'SEND' and 'REVIEW' (he presses 'SEND'). They should be 'SEND' and 'RECORD'. (00:06:15)

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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer picture

Continuity mistake: When the helicopter plummets into the wedding terrace, its nose is either pointing the right side or the left, depending on the shot. No continuity at all.

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Into the Wild picture

Continuity mistake: When Chris is in the trailer with Tracy, he walks inside with his towel around the back of his neck. During the scene he takes the towel off, then when we see a shot from behind him later, the towel is still there.

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Smiley Face picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene just after the bathroom scene where she dumps the weed into the toilet, Jane writes the smiley in the sky and soon afterwards dumps her purse onto the sidewalk. Her cell phone (which was destroyed in the kitchen incident) falls out among the other items, without a scratch on it.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters picture

Continuity mistake: When Frylock is watching New Jersey getting destroyed by the Insane-O-Flex, look for a building to the left through the Ferris Wheel. When Meatwad transforms into a building, the fires briefly stop, then turn on again.

Low Cow
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Underdog pictureUnderdog mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Shoeshine is telling Jack to 'give the dog your food'. Jack throws him a rubber steak, which moves further away from Shoeshine in a subsequent shot. (00:35:00)

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Delta Farce picture

Continuity mistake: When Larry says, "Gitr Done", he is holding an M60, yet when he then runs to the Humvee he has an M16 which is noticeably smaller.

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Diamond Dogs picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening fight scene, Dolph Lundgren's character is wearing a watch when he takes up his position against the Mongolian champion, but this disappears as soon as the actual fight begins.

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