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H2O (2006)

H2O picture

Something Fishy - S1-E5

Plot hole: When Emma gets the water bottle out of the fridge, the bottle that she touches is wet, so shouldn't this trigger her transformation?

Brad Premium member

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An Invisible Thread - S3-E25

Plot hole: If Noah could be brought back from the dead with Claire's blood why couldn't they bring back Nathan? Was turning Sylar into Nathan really the first thing they could think of?

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In Too Deep - S5-E8

Plot hole: Carter is apparently just learning about Feynman's Day, which Allison explains as "Eureka's version of April Fool's Day." It's highly improbable that Carter could have lived in Eureka for five years and still be oblivious of this, especially given all of the hijinks that happen.


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The Getaway - S4-E12

Plot hole: If we assume that Dexter took off the oil cap while it was still in the shop for Arthur, it still doesn't explain how Dexter got the jump on him when his car (hours later) broke down. Arthur's not shown to stop, but to merely drive for hours on end until night. Arthur's on a barren strip of road with no other cars or traffic to be seen for miles. It cuts from Arthur looking in his engine to Dexter suddenly walking out from behind the Mustang. The only explanation is that Dexter waited in the car with Arthur, which doesn't make very much sense. All this takes place in the last 15 minutes of the finale.

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Suggested correction: Dexter was hiding in the trunk of the car. If you look very closely when Arthur is saying "Where's my f***ing oil cap?", you can see Dexter's leg appear to the left (viewer's right) of the rear passenger side tire, in the open space under the car's body.

Phaneron Premium member

The trunk thing makes sense, but they could have made it more clear. I too was wondering how the heck he just appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

No disagreement there. I had to watch the sequence a few times to notice it, because it definitely looks like he climbs out of the back seat. I guess they felt having both characters in shot from that angle worked the best, as opposed to using several cuts.

Phaneron Premium member

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Show generally

Plot hole: In "Into Hell, Part 1", season 4, episode 7, the Unit discovers a soldier who they think is Betsy, tied to a chair. They note that the room is covered with PIRs or Passive Infrared Sensors. They then take out their night-vision goggles and begin counting the number of "infrared lines" they see. However, PIR sensors don't emit anything; they are passive. (00:23:15)


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State - S1-E22

Plot hole: On the way to the state championship, Lyla's car broke down. She was picked up by Landry and Tyra. After the game, Lyla asked Tyra if she wanted a ride home. How did Lyla get a car?

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Show generally

Plot hole: In the Season 2 episode "The Homecoming", when Mr. Ballentine is telling Emily about her assignment, he sets the blue folder down near his side of the desk before he gets up. Then we see Emily pull it across the table and quickly peek in it. When Ballentine turns around, the folder is still close to Emily, which shows that she at least tried to look in it, yet Ballentine says nothing about it no longer being in the spot where he set it down. If Emily thought that it was okay for her to look in the folder, she wouldn't have waited for Ballentine to turn around before she touched it.

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The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue No. 2 - S6-E4

Plot hole: The flashback involves Young Shawn and Gus getting ready to go to a comic book convention, Shawn in costume, with his father's consent. This contradicts the flashback in "Shawn Vs The Red Phantom," where Henry won't allow Young Shawn to even read comic books or play superhero with a towel around his neck.

Captain Defenestrator

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H2O: Just Add Water picture

Get Off My Tail - S2-E14

Plot hole: Cleo's photo album contains photos of her and Lewis from past episodes ("Love Potion", "Doctor Danger" and "Hocus Pocus"). It's impossible that their photos could have been taken because they were alone in all of them. (00:03:07)

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