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Pulse picture

Other mistake: The same shot of two guys looking at a computer while sitting outside on the school campus is used in two different scenes. (00:02:15 - 00:11:35)

Rochelle McCarty
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Stay Alive picture

Other mistake: When the main guy and the blond-haired woman investigate the house of the guy who got hanged in the very first scene, October goes outside to smoke. She is seen in a construction site. Later, when they go to find October, we discover that the site is way down the street. I don't know why she decided to stray so far from the house to the site.

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Final Destination 3 picture

Other mistake: When Wendy and Kevin are grabbing lunch, just before Frankie Cheeks dies, the guy asks to take their orders (via the microphone) Wendy and Kevin never reply throughout the rest of the scene, and they are at the restaurant for at least another 2-3 minutes (during the whole of Frankie's death sequence) The guy working at the restaurant must be extremely patient not to ask for their orders again.

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The Hills Have Eyes picture

Other mistake: When Lizard enters the trailer he closes the trailer door. When Lynn runs towards the trailer and enters it the door was already open.

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When A Stranger Calls picture

Other mistake: After the stranger calls Jill in the guest house, she celebrates the fact that she kept him on the line for longer than a minute. However, this conversation was significantly shorter than their last, and in reality it only clocks in at around twenty seconds.

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Desperation picture

Other mistake: When David finds the bodies in the station and the husband swinging from the fan, there are no bullet holes in his back, but there was blood on the wall behind him when he was shot.

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Fido picture

Other mistake: When Helen kills the zombie bully she fires 9 shots from a 6 shot revolver.

Grumpy Scot
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Saw III picture

Other mistake: After Jeff gets the key from the Rack trap room, the shotgun fires and hits the judge. He is standing with the shotgun to his right, yet he is hit on the left side of his face. There is also an inconsistency with the timing. The gun fires, then the actor turns to reveal the wound on the left side of his face. It's easier (but in no way required) to see the glaring mistake with slow motion.

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Hollow Man 2 picture

Other mistake: During the sex tape scene, the blinds are closed to prevent someone outside from looking in. About 30 seconds later, you can see the blinds crinkle a little bit, to show the "hollow man" has split the blinds open in order to peek inside. This isn't possible to do from outside, as the window would be in the way. (00:18:10)

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Silent Hill picture

Other mistake: During the scene with Pyramid Head removing the bar blocking the door to the room where Rose and Cybil are, the flashlight's light is being pointed at the door the entire scene. However, Cybil is only seen pointing it at the door at the beginning of the scene, and then at the end when she realizes Pyramid Head is destroying the barricade. Throughout the entire middle of the scene, Cybil is not pointing the flashlight at the door as it would seem, rather she has her body, and hands, pinned to the back wall with the flashlight pointing downwards.

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Underworld: Evolution picture

Other mistake: When the glass in the Range Rover gets broken, the front window and passenger window shatters as normal automotive safety glass should. However, the driver's side glass gets broken into large jagged shards, instead of smaller pieces as would happen with any kind of auto safety glass, whether tempered, coated, or laminated.

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The Wicker Man picture

Other mistake: When Malus is talking to the female cop about the station wagon crash, he asks her who the woman and child were, even after she has told him that there are no bodies to identify, and no car registration.

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