Best family movie factual errors of 2006

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High School Musical picture

Factual error: In the scene where Taylor is trying to prove to Gabriella that Troy is a dumb jock who doesn't care about her, Troy is in the locker room with his friends. Troy's friends are recording Troy on a camera attached to a PC, and the image is seen on Taylor's PC. The message on Taylor's PC says an incorrectly spelled 'Recieving WiFi Signal' instead of 'Receiving'. (01:00:55)


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Night at the Museum picture

Factual error: Dexter the capuchin is in the African mammal display. Capuchins come from South America.

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Aquamarine picture

Factual error: When Cecelia and her friends are in the car, following Aquamarine, Hailey, and Claire to the water tower, they aren't that far away - probably less than thirty feet - yet the other girls don't hear their car approaching.

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Monster House picture

Factual error: The house slides down the hill and breaks apart when Chowder pulls it down. It completely breaks apart. The furnace would have been destroyed, but the house rebuilds itself later on.

Paul M Leslie

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RV (2006)

RV picture

Factual error: When the family is beginning their trip, Bob has difficulty putting the RV in gear. We hear gears grinding despite the fact that the vehicle obviously has an automatic transmission (as evidenced by the column shifter). Automatic transmissions do not contain the same type of gearbox as manual transmissions, and it is impossible for an automatic to create a gear-grinding noise. (00:13:30)

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Air Buddies picture

Factual error: When Bud-dha is meditating one morning, to his left is the way they came from, and to his right is the way they had been headed the day before (which they say is true north). But, He's facing the sunrise. The sun rises in the East, not the West, so the sunrise should be behind him. Then, after that, when the puppies set off again, they head towards the sunrise, though they're supposed to be headed "true north".

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Stormbreaker picture

Factual error: When Smithers (not identified by name in the movie) gives Alex his kit, it includes a fountain pen which shoots a dart filled with Sodium Pentathal. That's supposed to cause a person to do what Alex says. Sodium Pentathal is a form of barbiturate. Barbiturates cause impaired coordination, therefore it's unlikely that Mr. Grin could have flown a helicopter under its effects.

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Over the Hedge picture

Factual error: In the beginning when the animals are waking up from hibernation, it shows Ozzie and Heather running out of the log, which shows they hibernated, but opossums don't hibernate.

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Arthur and the Invisibles picture

Factual error: When Arthur is in the bar, the music is chronologically out of order. The film is set in the fifties. One of the songs playing is Staying Alive from the seventies.

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Open Season picture

Factual error: In the last part of the movie when the animals attack, one of the hunters call the warden. The hunter's phone is a SonyEricsson W710i. This phone does not support video calls and no camera on the LCD part of the phone where it fell forward and supposedly showed the videos to the sheriff.

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Deck the Halls picture

Factual error: Although "Myearth" is a fictional site for the movie, all satellite sites (such as Google earth, etc.) show images during daylight hours (though I've seen rare exceptions of images during twilight hours). How could Buddy expect to not see his house (with or without lights) when the images show during the day?

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Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo picture

Factual error: Throughout the film, most Japanese words are spelled in Katakana. In real-life Japanese, however, Katakana is exclusively used for foreign words adopted into Japanese language, like 'table', 'television' (mostly it is abbreviated to 'telebi') and 'racing car'. But in the film, even indiginous Japanese words such as 'samurai' are spelled in Katakana, not - as they should be - in Hiragana (the syllable system used for native words).

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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties picture

Factual error: The two uniformed police officers who take Dargis away at the end have haircuts that touch their collars. Plain clothed officers are allowed to be less stringent about their appearance, uniformed officers are most certainly not, and long hair like that simply doesn't happen.


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Barbie Diaries picture

Factual error: The drum kit that Courtney plays at the concert is wrong. It has too many cymbals, two bass drums (one is unneeded) and she didn't kick the pedals to play the bass drum and cymbals.

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Flushed Away picture

Factual error: When the Toad's foot breaks the pipe of liquid nitrogen, it should have frozen the water immediately, but it takes a lot more time to allow the wave to get closer.

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The Nativity Story picture

Factual error: Traveling to Bethlehem Joseph buys a fish. It looks like a carp or catfish which were deemed unclean.

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Cars picture

Factual error: In the Radiator Springs courtroom there is a Latin motto over the doorway, that should read "Justitiae via strata veritate" Which means: "The path of justice is paved with truth." But the first word is spelled wrong as "Justitae."

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Eight Below picture

Factual error: Winter in Antarctica begins in June and ends in September. The movie says winter is beginning in February which is incorrect in the Southern Hemisphere.

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