Best drama movie plot holes of 2006

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The Prestige picture

Plot hole: Julia dies in the underwater escape trick tank because the axe couldn't get her out in time. However, if she was able to open the lid from inside the tank, get up, over, and down, then close the lid (all quickly, silently, and without assistance) when the trick goes properly, then there is no reason that the four men standing around could not have simply lifted the lid, either acting a key in the fake padlock to preserve the trick, or using a key if it's real. At this point she could have gotten her head above water and draped her hands over the side of the tank to stay up. That done, the crisis is over, and she must only wait to calm down enough to get herself down, or be assisted. Cutter built the tank, so he knew how strong the glass was. The only explanation for using the axe was to allow Julia's death, thus advancing the plot.

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The Lake House picture

Plot hole: Kate is in the future and has named the dog Jack and informs Alex of this in a letter, which he receives in a magic time-travel mailbox. Alex adopts this same dog in the past, before the dog has ever met Kate. Jack tests out the name "Jack" on the dog, and the dog reacts to this name. The dog should not know this name as it hasn't yet met Kate. This is backwards. Alex should have been the one to tell Kate of a name he gave to the dog, and she should have been the one to test it on the dog.

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The Namesake picture

Plot hole: When Ashima's brother calls up Ashoke to inform him about the demise of Ashima's father, his head is shown as shaven. It is just the following day after the death of the father, as he himself declares. However according to Bengali customs, the hair is not shaven off until the thirteenth day after the death of a father.

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The Wind That Shakes the Barley picture

Plot hole: When the Black & Tans are shown driving through the village, a blue house is visible behind them. The house has modern PVC windows.

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The Da Vinci Code picture

Plot hole: The Louvre is home to art worth millions. Even with the electronic security measures in place the museum would be guarded around the clock by armed guards thus making the entire idea of the shooting of its curator and his killer escaping impossible.

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Death Note: The Last Name picture

Plot hole: The Death Note that Misa brings to L headquarters is supposed to be fake, but when Light touches it he can see the Shinigami Ryuk.

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Firewall picture

Plot hole: At the beginning, Bill or his henchman are seen watching the family in the house, which they would have course be doing always. If that is so, then why do they not know about the toy car remote that screws up the video signal in the house?

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Inside Man picture

Plot hole: When Clive the mastermind blacks out the cameras, the detectives say later that there was a blackout period of only a couple of minutes with no footage of anyone entering or leaving. That means the from the footage just before the robbery you could ascertain who was in the bank and who are the robbers, or if nothing else narrow down the pool, simply by eliminating anyone in the bank already. (00:05:00 - 00:28:00)

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Suggested correction: That is assuming that the bank robbers didn't have anyone inside the bank already, which they did. There were only four people in the van at the start, and also four at the very end in the car while they're waiting for Clive Owen, making him the fifth.

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The Good Shepherd picture

Plot hole: Near the film's end, when Edward Sr.'s son, Edward Jr., is about to be married, Edward Sr. approaches his son looking very grim. He is about to tell his son that his fiancee has died. At this key moment, Edward's wife exclaims to her husband, "What have you done?!" Logically, this does not make sense, since Edward's wife, Margaret, has no knowledge (as far as the audience knows) of the Bay of Pigs leak made by her son, nor of her son's fiancee's spy role in obtaining the information. Without knowing this information, Margaret would have no reason to suspect that her husband was involved in some bad incident involving her son's fiancee.

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Running Scared picture

Plot hole: When Oleg calls Teresa from the pedophile's playroom, he tells her the address of their house: 1456 Owens Park Lane, Hoboken. When Teresa shows up, she tells the pedophile that he called from this apartment, 1456 Owens Park Lane, Apartment 303. Oleg never told her what apartment number he was in.

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The Sentinel picture

Plot hole: Right at the end when Pete calls for the "Hard Car" to evacuate the president, he gives very specific orders as to the evacuation point. Considering he was to be arrested on sight, there is no way he would know any of the security arrangements and they would surely have changed them radically because he was such a senior agent. The Secret Service is constantly changing their security.

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Waist Deep picture

Plot hole: When 02 is carjacked, he runs after his vehicle for some distance. When he finally gives up, he looks into a nearby alley and sees Coco, the girl who initially marked him for the carjacking. This conveniently moves the story along, but makes no sense. She could not have run that distance so quickly, nor would she have reason to follow him.

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Deja Vu picture

Plot hole: Just before the bomb explodes at the beginning of the movie, the guard is looking for the car playing 'don't worry baby' on it's stereo. In the final timeline the disaster has been averted, the bomb having gone off, and the ferry docked. After this, when Carlin is in the car, the same song is playing, but the bomb was set to a timer.

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Suggested correction: That's why the movie is called Deja Vu and thats why Carlin gives the girl such a strange look. The song triggers a feeling of Deja Vu for him and it almost feels to him that he knows her. Besides, a different station could have been playing the song.

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Black Snake Moan picture

Plot hole: Ronnie is shown returning to town a few days after leaving for deployment due to being discharged from the National Guard for his anxiety disorder. In reality, being medically discharged could take weeks, if not months depending on how long it takes the Army to make a decision on care and possible post-discharge disability. If the Army suspected he lied about not having anxiety in order to enlist that could add even more time for an investigation and possible criminal charges for fraudulent enlistment.

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