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High School Musical picture

Factual error: In the scene where Taylor is trying to prove to Gabriella that Troy is a dumb jock who doesn't care about her, Troy is in the locker room with his friends. Troy's friends are recording Troy on a camera attached to a PC, and the image is seen on Taylor's PC. The message on Taylor's PC says an incorrectly spelled 'Recieving WiFi Signal' instead of 'Receiving'. (01:00:55)


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Alien Autopsy picture

Factual error: In a few scenes at the hotel by Heathrow Airport, several British Airways aircraft are seen, all with the current paint scheme instead of 1995's.

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Click picture

Factual error: When Morty is showing Michael how to use the remote, Michael rewinds to a family vacation in 1976. A childhood friend of his invites everyone over to his parents' RV to watch Three's Company. Three's Company didn't premiere until 1977.

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Suggested correction: Although technically this is true, ironically there WERE two pilots for Three's Company filmed in 1976 with some similar and some different cast members, which may or may not of actually aired at the time after being filmed. The 3rd and final pilot with the familiar cast got the show finally rolling in 1977. So the mistake stands, but it could be a bit iffy based on this info.

This mistake does not need correction. This is just trivia that does not impact the mistake. Both pilots were unaired, so they couldn't have watched it on TV. Additionally, this was his summer vacation and the first pilot was taped in May and the second one was taped in November.


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Night at the Museum picture

Factual error: Dexter the capuchin is in the African mammal display. Capuchins come from South America.

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Aquamarine picture

Factual error: When Cecelia and her friends are in the car, following Aquamarine, Hailey, and Claire to the water tower, they aren't that far away - probably less than thirty feet - yet the other girls don't hear their car approaching.

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The Pink Panther picture

Factual error: When Clouseau heard the footsteps of what he thought to be a lady and what we afterwards knew was the Russian trainer, he described how tall she was using the English system of feet and inches, not the metric system, which is used in France.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picture

Factual error: The helmsmen on the ships always spin the wheel in the direction that they wish to turn. However, in the days of sail the wheel had to be spun in the opposite direction from the direction of turn. (01:56:00)

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The Holiday picture

Factual error: When Iris is unable to sleep she looks over at Amanda's bedside clock which displays 5:00 pm, however, moments later Iris discovers a button to lower the shade. There is bright sunlight coming into the room, however, in December the sun sets prior to this time (about 4:45pm according to

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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby picture

Factual error: The race held at Texas Motor Speedway has signs showing that it is the Dickies 500. That race is held in November and ends after dark. The race is finished in the daylight.

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Borat picture

Factual error: Borat and Azmat are depicted having entered Atlanta and getting off at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. which runs East and West. Atlanta does not have a road named "Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd." The MLK in Atlanta is "Martin Luther King Junior Drive" (00:35:50)

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The Devil Wears Prada picture

Factual error: The first time Miranda Priestly arrives in the office, everyone scrambles to make themselves look better. One girl uses her webcam to apply makeup, but the image shown in the computer monitor is as though the monitor is a mirror. Given that she is looking directly at the screen rather than at the webcam itself, her eyes should not be shown looking directly into the monitor, but rather just below (if it is a top-mounted webcam).

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Little Miss Sunshine picture

Factual error: The family passes an exit for Carefree Highway. This is an exit off I-17 a few miles North of Phoenix. At that point they would be about 10 miles from Scottsdale. Yet they drive all day and that night they are still within scooter range from Scottsdale.

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Getting Played picture

Factual error: In the scene where Mark is describing to his friend, Josh, how he knew about the bet from the beginning, and how he foiled Andreas plan by disconnecting the camera, he states that he did this by unplugging the "Tv Feed," or RCA cable, from the camera. This would not stop the camera from recording as they state it does.

Ian Mugford

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A Good Year picture

Factual error: In the swimming pool scene from Max and Fanny's childhood, there is a modern inflatable plastic pool chair that would not have been available at that time. (01:42:40)


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Scary Movie 4 picture

Factual error: Cindy and Brenda watches the news camera footage of Detroit before and after the tripod attack. But the city shown is actually San Diego. (00:40:45)

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Employee of the Month picture

Factual error: The kind of CCD bar code scanners used by the cashiers in the movie have a maximum read range of just a few inches (or less). Given this limitation, it would be impossible for Vince to scan the item from as far away as he did, at the beginning of the movie.

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The Hoax picture

Factual error: The helicopter believed to be carrying Howard Hughes is a Eurocopter AS-350, a design that had its first flight in 1974, three years after the events of this film. (00:02:00 - 01:18:40)


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Little Man picture

Factual error: When Calvin is examined by the doctor, the doctor notes that he has a large scar on one side, possibly as a result of an appendectomy. The scar is 1) very sloppy; 2) pointing the wrong direction; and 3) on the wrong side of the abdomen for an appendectomy scar.

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RV (2006)

RV picture

Factual error: When the family is beginning their trip, Bob has difficulty putting the RV in gear. We hear gears grinding despite the fact that the vehicle obviously has an automatic transmission (as evidenced by the column shifter). Automatic transmissions do not contain the same type of gearbox as manual transmissions, and it is impossible for an automatic to create a gear-grinding noise. (00:13:30)

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The History Boys picture

Factual error: When the boys go for their Oxbridge interviews, the weather is beautiful, very sunny and warm, summer. However, all Oxbridge interviews take place in early December.

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