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Little Miss Sunshine picture

Character mistake: When they arrive at the motel, the mother says that the grandpa is in room 13, but when he opens his door it is room 208.

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The Guardian picture The Guardian mistake picture

Character mistake: In the training room, after Randall is discussed as the record holder, the students are brought to attention. All but one is standing at attention, he is in the back on the right hand side, standing at ease.

Ian Hunt

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The Da Vinci Code picture

Character mistake: During the meeting between Langdon, Sophie and Sir Teabing, Teabing refers to Scatoma as "the mind seeing what it wants to see." Scatoma refers to a partial loss of vision. He probably meant to use Pareidolia, which refers to seeing patterns that are not really there.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Meltdown: Days of Destruction picture

Character mistake: Throughout most of the movie, many of the characters are seen wearing dark, heavy clothes such as long pants, sweatshirts, etc. Wearing warm clothing puts them at a greater risk of suffering heat stroke and dying more quickly, than if they wore light-colored, cooler materials.

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Inside Man picture

Character mistake: The bank robbers send out a hostage and put a drawer around his neck with a note. The drawer is bugged and the bank robbers can monitor the police. The police just leave the drawer lying around on the table for half of the movie inside their mobile headquarters. This drawer should be in a forensic laboratory being checked for fingerprints and similar.


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Mission: Impossible 3 picture

Character mistake: Declan tells Ethan that 162 (meters) is "pushing minimum height for a (BASE) jump." This is not the case. It's not uncommon for jumps to be made from sub-100m heights. In fact the lowest BASE jump was debatably made from the hand of the Christ the Redeemer in Rio at 29 meters. However it must be said that jumping between buildings, like in the movie, is extremely dangerous and carries even more risk than just normal BASE jumping. (01:22:20)

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Grandma's Boy picture

Character mistake: When playing Alex's game for the first time, the buttons Grandma presses are different to the buttons Alex describes. For instance, she presses the 'punch' button to use a spell, when she should use the left trigger.

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We Are Marshall picture

Character mistake: When McConaughey and Fox are at West Virginia University to ask their coaches for help with their offense, McConaughey is shown talking while looking at his reflection in a football trophy. At first his reflection shows him talking out of the left side of his mouth, but then he quickly switches to talking out of the right side of his mouth as he does throughout the entire rest of the movie.

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The Departed picture

Character mistake: When Ellerby tells Sullivan "Some people don't trust a guy with an immaculate record. I do. I have an immaculate record." Really? An immaculate record even after you punch they guy's lights out for not installing the cameras right? He's a captain, had a long career, if he punches a guy for that, certainly he's had other complaints before too.

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Suggested correction: This is too presumptuous to be a valid mistake. We know practically nothing of his history, so it can't be definitively said he's had complaints about him before. The assault he committed over the failed sting could very well be his first infraction, and if it is still being investigated, it won't appear on his record yet.

Phaneron Premium member

It's also possible that people simply don't complain about outbursts like that in an environment with inter agency cooperation and high tensions.

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The Wicker Man picture

Character mistake: When Nicholas Cage bumps into the beehive, he sees the bees coming towards him and runs towards all the other beehives. Given that he bumped into the beehive on the outer edge, it would have been safer, quicker and much less risky to run back the way he came to escape than run towards all the other bee hives. To complicate things Cage knew he was severely allergic to bees.

Lummie Premium member

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High School Musical picture

Character mistake: When the coach is eating a sandwich in the locker room, there is a headline in the paper he's reading that says, "Diamond Backs rattle Timber Wolfs..." Diamondback is one word and the plural of wolf is wolves. (00:45:00)

Jenny Doocy

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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties picture

Character mistake: Before he scampers inside to spy on the humans, Claudius tells the other animals, "I'm your mouse on the inside!" Maybe he should check a mirror while he's in there. Claudius isn't a mouse - he's a rat.

Jean G

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Casino Royale picture

Character mistake: When Bond is sending his resignation email, another email titled "Stationary Request" is visible in his outbox. The grammatical mistake (it should be "Stationery Request") seems to be an unusual error by Bond and not quite in keeping with his character, his assumed background or his smooth way with words.


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Children of Men picture

Character mistake: Theo lights a cigarette after getting a fresh change of clothes at the "safe house" he steps outside and lights up a cigarette. But if you look closely, he accidentally lights the cigarette up backwards, and he even takes a few drags off it. (00:34:00)

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Suggested correction: First it should be noted it's a fictional brand of cigarettes he smokes. But that's not the filter end that he lights, it's just a bluish tip design. You see him smoking in other scenes where the bluish tip is the lit end.


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Rocky Balboa picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Spider quotes from the Bible to Rocky before the fight, he quotes the verse as Zechariah 4:6 and then quotes the beginning of that verse but the end of another verse, 1st Corinthians 15:57.

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Stick It picture

Character mistake: At the very beginning, when Haley is in court, the cop says that the property damage from the previous scene looks to be about $14,000. Although we can't expect a cop to know the true cost of the property, the only things damaged were the large window and maybe the metal framework supporting it. The window couldn't be any more than $1000.


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Just My Luck picture

Character mistake: Ashley should be smart enough to know not to wear high heels while buffing the bowling alley lane. They might break or scuff up the floor, she should've worn sneakers or sandals.


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The Marine picture

Character mistake: On the refrigerator is a letter from the Department of Defence - Defense is misspelled.

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Starter for Ten picture

Character mistake: Lucy says the source of the quote "To err is human" as Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Man." The quote actually originates from Pope's earlier work, "An Essay on Criticism."

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