Best animated movie mistake pictures of 2006

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Continuity mistake: When R.J. pulls the wagon to stop Verne, The ground hook and chain is next to the right front wheel. But while R.J. and Verne are talking there's no chain or hook to be seen until they start pulling the wagon from each other. (00:40:25 - 00:40:55)

Over the Hedge mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: When Barris is served in the diner, french fries are scattered over his plate. When seen again, the french fries are replaced with vegetable sides.

A Scanner Darkly mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: This is after news has arrived to the elephant village that Ayutthaya is fighting back after being occupied by the Burmese for some time. The raiders arrive and are rounded up before falling into a trap. At first, the pit is almost square, with rounded edges. Cut to an aerial shot and the same pit is now a circle. (00:50:45)

Khan Kluay mistake picture
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Deliberate mistake: The monitor from inside Mack's trailer displays his whole face while talking to McQueen. There is no camera outside of Mack that can display him in that fashion.

Cars mistake picture
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Suggested correction: The camera in the trailer may be a TV video instead of a camera.

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Continuity mistake: Lugnut picks up the race tickets that Cruise drops. He is first shown lowering the hook attached to his truck to the ground, but in the next shot, the tickets are suddenly inside the hook without the tickets being picked up by the crane. (00:11:30)

Casual Person
The Little Cars in the Great Race mistake picture
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