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Happily N'Ever After picture

Other mistake: While the wizard is speaking near the portal, a ghost image of him appears to the left.

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Cars picture

Other mistake: After the first race, in the scene where Lightning is rushing out on the stage thinking he is the winner, loads of confetti is shot out when the King and Chick Hicks gets onto the stage. The confetti is then falling down, but not a single flake hits any of the cars. However, in the following shots, you can see plenty of it on the stage underneath the cars, even though they haven't moved.

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Ice Age 2: The Meltdown picture

Other mistake: Just after the valley floods, Manny is seen pushing a log to pry the rock out blocking Ellie's way out. You can notice that Manny is pushing it the wrong way. (01:08:40)

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Brother Bear 2 picture

Other mistake: When Kenai transformed into a bear, his clothes ripped right off his body. But when Nita transforms, nothing happens to her clothes. In fact, they seem to change with her.

Brad Premium member
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Over the Hedge picture

Other mistake: Whenever Verne is inside his shell, he has a tail (and references to it "tingling" are made throughout the movie), however, when he is out of his shell he has human-style buttocks and no tail.

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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses picture

Other mistake: In the first dining room scene, Courtney is reading, but her book is invisible.

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Monster House picture

Other mistake: When Nebbercracker is on the stretcher and is being wheeled away, the grass pulls off one of the last wheels. When the stretcher is loaded into the ambulance both of the back wheels are intact.

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The Little Cars in the Great Race pictureThe Little Cars in the Great Race mistake picture

Other mistake: When Wrangler is first seen, he is shown autographing tickets by driving over them. There is a tyre mark shown on the tickets when he first does it, but a few minutes later, when he autographs Cruise's tickets, there's no tyre mark on the tickets, even though he used the same method. Also, when Lugnut shows the tickets to the police car at the end, the tyre marks have now appeared. (00:08:05 - 00:11:15)

Casual Person
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Flushed Away picture

Other mistake: In the first microwave scene, Roddy press the random buttons (4,6,5,3,2) but the microwave only shows 3 seconds, and the popcorn already popped within those 3 seconds. (00:02:55)

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